Cover pic says :Classic Drives" and features a classic car in the background. The car has a emblem that says "Comet" The picture is black and white.

Daytona Car Show – Classic Drive

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Classic Drive – The Daytona Car Show.  Buying a home in St Petersburg, Tampa,  Clearwater and surrounding areas opens up a multitude of world class events within a short drive of your doorstep. Also, being in the middle of all the action, makes selling your home easier.  (Because so many people wish to live here)  Aaron and I are planning …

Also this picture features the title of the blog "Kasper Modern New Build Homes St Petersburg FL Avalon Group. There is a background picture of a white mid century modern home.

Kasper Modern Homes

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New Home Builder St Petersburg FL   Kasper Modern Homes is our favorite home builder in St. Petersburg, FL.   Their high standards of design are apparent in every aspect of the homes they build.  Kasper Modern Homes have uncompromised value with superior craftsmanship.   Including custom European cabinets, Kasper Modern Homes are energy-efficient and capture the beauty of the outdoors enhancing …

This is the cover picture for the article: "Cabin Fever Projects." The title is in the foreground. In the background are several open cans of paint in the colors, blue, tan, gray and black. Also, there are paint brushes and paint rollers.

Cabin Fever Projects

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Cabin Fever Projects:  Painting with Spray Paint When you are stuck at home, it’s the perfect time for Cabin Fever Projects to add happy pops of color in your home.  We keep different colors of spray paint stored for crafts and projects.  I decide to paint our counter stools teal to match the painting in the kitchen.  These stools, originally …

Also here is the cover picture for the article on the St Petersburg Grand Prix. Additionally it has racing cars in background that are pink and blue.

Grand Prix St Petersburg FL 2020

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Each March brings exotic sounds throughout the St. Petersburg corridor…Grand Prix St Petersburg.  Furthermore, our city nestled between Tampa Bay and the Top Beaches in the World becomes the focus of the international Grand Prix racing circuit.  The sounds of racing engines fill the air for 3 days.  Additionally, there are detour signs located around the waterfront of Downtown.  But …

Cover photo for the blog about the Best Dance Club in St Petersburg FL. The picture has black shadows of people dancing with highlights in red and blue.

Best Dance Club St Petersburg

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  Best Dance Club St Petersburg, FL is Enigma.  Our neighbor recently had her best friend visit St. Petersburg.  She wanted to show her a good time and asked about the best place to go dancing in St. Pete.  We, in unison, said “Enigma.”  Also, her friend is considering a move to the Burg, and as her Realtors, we wanted …

The cover photo that states "Best Palm Trees to create your own paradise" Also the background shows a shadow blue image of palm trees on a beach.

Best Palm Trees To Create Your Own Paradise

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Update 8/3/20:  Privacy Palms and Hedge Palms After renovating the “Oasis” unit in our triplex, we decided we needed palm trees to create privacy in front of windows.  First we decided Areca Palms were the look we were seeking with their dense palm fronds.  Second, we determined that Areca Palms grow too tall. Third, we began to research alternatives to Areca …

Therefore, Choosing A Top Florida Color For Our Front Door cover page has the title in the center circle. Surrounding the title circle are pictures. Furthermore, the pictures show our front door, a picture of open paint cans and a person painting a door.

Choosing our Front Door Color

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Choosing our Front Door Color for a HAPPY upgrade. After writing our last blog on the “Top 10 Florida Front Door Colors” we decided we needed to replace our current gray door with something Happy!  Knowing that the front door color of a home shouldn’t be an afterthought, Aaron and I decided to put in the time to make the best …

Furthermore, the cover photo ofTop 10 Florida Front Door Colors has a rainbow filter with lots of colors. Every color is bright and happy. In the background is a front door to a home.

Top 10 Florida FrontDoor Colors

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If you are looking to add some HAPPY to your home’s curb appeal, why not try one of our TOP 10 FLORIDA FRONTDOOR COLORS. Front Door Colors define your home and just like the bright Florida Sunshine, a pop of color on your front door will immediately cheer you up with joy. Blues make you think of splashing in the …

Also this is the cover picture for the article on the Top 5 Water parks in Central Florida. This text overlays the photo. Moreover, the photo has been tinted with neon colors. There are two girls in a raft on a water slide and their skin is purple.

Top 5 WaterParks of Central Florida

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First, we are so lucky to live in Central Florida with the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Second, we are also lucky to be close to the the top theme parks in the world.  And third, we are lucky to live close to the best water parks in the world.  After lots of polling, we have the top 5 …

The cover photo for the blog "The District on 9th Luxury Townhomes in St Petersburg Fl" The townhomes are modern clean architecture painted white and neon green. The window trim is black and there is a roof deck on the top floors.

The District on 9th

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New Townhomes 2020:  The District on 9th Fusing with the upbeat vibe and rich culture of The Edge District of Downtown St. Petersburg FL, The District on 9th Luxury Townhomes deliver great ownership opportunities in a place designed for all types of living. Definitely, this is where it is –innovative floor plans, thoughtful design and contemporary style blend with the …