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Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  The Best Realtor in St. Petersburg: Avalon Group Realty


When searching for a real estate agent, it’s important to find someone knowledgeable, hardworking, and responsive. With hundreds of options to choose from in the St. Petersburg area, how do you determine which realtor is truly the best? After researching reviews and testimonials, one company stands out from the rest – Avalon Group Realty. Time and time again, clients rave about their positive experiences working with the dedicated agents at Avalon Group. From finding dream homes to smooth closings, this team has proven themselves to be the premier real estate professionals in St. Petersburg.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Biggest Month

Avalon Group Realty broke a new record for selling homes in February of 2024.  Moreover, their sales volume in March of 2024 is above average.  The clients served during this time are raving about the amazing customer support from the Avalon Group Realty Realtors.  Sam Mena exclaims “If you want the Best Realtor in St Petersburg you need to call Avalon Group Realty.”  Cosset, another client just sold and bought a home with Aaron Hunt and she says “The Top Realtor in St Petersburg is Aaron Hunt of Avalon Group Realty.”  Aaron Hunt exclaims “We sell more homes than other Realtors because we have a reputation for being the best in the business.  Word of mouth is our best form of advertising.”

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Seamless Home Buying Experience

Foremost, Avalon Group removes the stress from the home buying process. As first-time homebuyer Edward F. shares, “Debi took the time to understand what I was looking for and did thorough research on listings to make sure they would be the right for me.” Moreover, Mai K. describes agent Yvette Kim as “quick to respond and personable. It wasn’t just about a transaction.” Clearly, Avalon Group agents make the experience smooth by getting to know clients’ needs. Additionally, Noel G. compliments Yvette’s extensive knowledge, saying “She made the entire process stress free and easy.” Through understanding clients and mastering the moving parts of real estate, Avalon Group creates seamless transactions.

Likewise, the team is praised for their availability and responsiveness. As buyer Michael A. recalls, Avalon Group “was always responsive, answered our calls, and went above and beyond in helping us resolve issues.” Agents make themselves accessible day and night, easing worries. Mal S. echoes this sentiment recounting how Yvette “was professional, knowledgeable, personable, organized and understood what we were looking for.” Undoubtedly, Avalon Group has perfected communication to simplify the home buying journey.

Furthermore, Avalon Group educates their clients while finding ideal properties. Avalon Group assisted first-time buyer Rich C., who notes “He is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile whether it’s Monday thru Friday or on the weekend at midnight.” No question goes unanswered as agents patiently explain each step. Additionally, Avalon Group “listened to what we wanted & needed for our budget & area,” shares Charlene L. Agents take time to give clients the foundation to make informed decisions. With an exceptional knack for matching people with properties while informing them along the way, Avalon Group excels at educating buyers.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Winning Deals in Competitive Markets

Additionally, Avalon Group negotiates optimal deals despite turbulent markets. Stood out among the competition, Aaron convinced sellers to list a home for $20K above their initial target. The house ultimately sold over asking price, delighting the shocked owners. As Britton D. recalls, Aaron “sold our house at the price higher than we listed for. Most agents wanted to list our house for 20k below.” Indeed, Aaron leverages his expertise to push boundaries. Also adept at securing listings, Yvette saved clients money by swiftly recommending an alternative after their first offer fell through. Impressed by her proactive efforts, Mai K confirms the new listing “met our needs and was about $100k less.” Through tenacious negotiation, Avalon Group persists to win ideal deals.

Likewise, Avalon Group guides clients to smart purchases in frenzied markets. Trying to buy land near St. Petersburg, Avalon Group “worked like crazy to help us find what we were looking for,” shares Emily B. She commends Matt for keeping them “optimistic and patient despite the crazy market.” Moreover, first-time homebuyers were grateful to have Matt’s assistance navigating the chaos. As Taylor M. recalls, “They knew the market inside and out. Avalon Group made sure we still had representation…and provided us other realtors like Rob who also did an awesome job.” Without doubt, Avalon leverages their experience to secured houses when competitors are scratching their heads.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Perfect Fit

Furthermore, Avalon Group applies their expertise to transcend constraints and find the perfect fit. Facing a tight timeline and budget, Rob satisfied buyers Linda and Peter DiDonato because “he was determined to find a perfect house that met all the criteria.” Likewise, when relocating from Hawaii, the diligence of Aaron Hunt amazed agent Debby Ridge. She shares, “It’s never easy working with a client at a 5 hour time difference, answering extra questions and making extra trips. Aaron went out of his way.” Driven to work around unique barriers, Avalon satiates customers by uncovering their ideal home regardless of circumstance .

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Standout Service Backed by Unwavering Professionalism

Additionally, Avalon Group is distinguished by their exceptional service rooted in authentic care for clients. Aaron coached sellers with design to beautifully showcase their home. Britton D. describes how impressed she was “with understanding what matters to his specific client the most. He listens and pretty sure he never stops working.” Giving individualized attention demonstrates a genuine commitment to best serving unique needs. Rob also won over a buyer with his unmatched patience and flexibility when she struggled deciding. As Deborah B. recalls, “He was very patient, understanding, flexible, pleasant and professional. I didn’t feel pressured.” By uplifting and supporting, Avalon gives customers confidence in their service.

Likewise, Yvette surpasses expectations by continuing her diligent efforts long after closing. Happy in their new home, Mai K. shares, “Even after closing she made sure our issues were addressed.” Similarly, though closed Rich C. shares appreciation that Josh is “still following up on dangling legal issues with an inspector that damaged a washing machine during the inspection process.” Their commitment does not end until total satisfaction is achieved. Through proactively tying up loose ends, Avalon agents cement lasting trust.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg:  Professionalism

Furthermore, every agent backs their service with unwavering professionalism. Regardless of countless denied bids, Aaron kept buyers encouraged until they finally won a house. Pleasantly shocked by his consistent optimism and humor despite adversity, buyers Tim and Gerland said Aaron “was instantly professional, charming and knowledgeable.” Moreover, interacting remotely Aaron constantly impressed a buyer overseas with his open communication and accountability. As zuser20140513180452954 recalls, Aaron was “responsive, insightful, and a straight shooter. Always felt Aaron was on ‘my team’.” By coupling their 1st class service with upright conduct, Avalon Group professionals demonstrate admirable integrity.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Unparalleled Local Market Mastery and Resources

In addition, Avalon Group dominates as the St. Petersburg area market leaders tapping into unmatched connections and expertise. Drawing on their resources, Avalon Group utilized it’s network to save his California buyers money when purchasing. Charlie L recalls, Avalon Group “advocating for you through the process. I feel like they really fought for us.” Customers reap savings as Avalon leverages relationships. Also praised for vast regional insights, buyers Schlinsog call Yvette “extremely knowledgeable” of specifics from utilities to school districts.

Additionally, Avalon Group utilizes their local mastery to target precise locations and homes to match unique wishes. When he struggled finding a suitable property, Dean’s familiarity eventually uncovered the perfect condo near family for Rhonda B. She tells, “Debi helped overcome some challenges along the way.” Moreover, Aaron Hunt swiftly found first buyer Emily B her oasis minus the structure – vacant land with endless potential. As she compliments, Aaron’s “Knowledge of the area was excellent and we appreciated his insight.” Through and through, Avalon Group has the area dialed in to actualize dreams.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Morket Dominance

Likewise, backed by their market dominance, Avalon leaders directly oversee entire transactions. When needing remote representation, Avalon owner Aaron Hunt personally assisted Canadians selling an estate from overseas. Impressed with the extra effort, Stu I. shares, “Josh dealt with a number of abnormal and sometimes frustrating complications outside his normal responsibilities.” From principals to promising young talents, Avalon’s unmatched experience ensures smooth closings.

Furthermore, Avalon Group enjoys longstanding goodwill stemming from their St. Petersburg roots and recognition. First drawn in by the credible reputation of the team leader they came highly recommended to work with originally, buyers Matthew L. returned several years later to sell another home. He enthuses, “Excellent experience again selling our Florida home. We have now bought and sold with them.” The 30 year respected force maintains their stronghold through consistent satisfaction. Trusted by locals, the data reinforces Avalon Group is unquestionably St. Petersburg’s finest.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  Dream Team Delivering Unparalleled Results

As the data substantiates, Aaron Hunt has assembled the dream team of real estate agents equipped to effortlessly navigate St. Petersburg’s complex property terrain. Working collaboratively harnessing their diversity of individual strengths, Avalon Group Realty maintains their competitive edge. As Debby Ridge, an agent from Hawaii confirms, “Aaron is super professional and helped us with all the details – moving from the Big Island of Hawaii to the Tampa area.” Leading by example through his consummate professionalism, Aaron empowers his squad to make smooth transitions happen.

Likewise, fueled by Aaron’s commitment to service, agents mimic his devotion by tirelessly championing unique customer journeys every step of the way. When Brian D.’s washing machine broke during an inspection, Josh proactively resolved issues with the inspector responsible post closing. Echoing the selfless efforts modeled by Aaron solving problems attacking from all sides, Josh relentlessly keeps pushing forward focused on client needs. As Brian D. affirms, Josh “went above and beyond what an agent should do to see that our needs and requests where met.” Undoubtedly, Aaron’s high-caliber team unified by elevating clients spells success.

Furthermore, the data substantiates Avalon Group Realty outperforms thanks to Aaron’s keen eye attracting top-tier talent and cultivating an environment bringing out their fullest potential. After filtering through the crowded St. Petersburg market, professional photographer Derrick Phillips, aligned with Aaron noting, “He is a gem!” Similarly, savvy investors selected Aaron because, “Communication felt like I was the only client he had.” Creating meaningful relationships through engaged communication, Aaron mentors agents to step into their highest service. Katie S. working with Dean confirms, “He definitely got my the best deal!!” Demonstrating Aaron’s methods, agents follow his lead ushering optimal outcomes.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg FL:  More Satisfied Clients

Likewise, backed by Aaron and his team’s range of strengths plus robust connections, no client request throws Avalon off beat for long. Facing a quandary finding the perfect place meeting a family’s specifications aligned with their budget, Dylan dug deep into his toolbox. Aaron intermittently checked in providing guidance as Dylan remained unphased wholly dedicating himself to creatively overcoming obstacles. Ultimately his patience paired with Aaron’s leadership culminated into realizing dreams. As client Deborah B recalls, Dylan “was willing to answer all the questions I had. He made sure that I received a fair deal and helped me purchase the home I wanted.” Driven to uncover solutions, Avalon Group has all areas blanketed to actualize aspirations.

Clearly the 10 star reviews substantiate Aaron Hunt fosters a collaborative yet individually empowering environment necessary to consistently surpass expectations. Brian D shares, “Avalon Group was out of this world…they are the best Realtor in St Petersburg FL.” While each agent has opportunity to shine, Avalon Group operates synergistically to conquer challenges. Trusting the proven testament of experiences, partnering with Avalon Group secures supreme service. Whether a first timer or seasoned investor, their proficient team effortlessly navigates any circumstance translating dreams into reality with finesse.

Best Realtor in St Petersburg:  A Team Making Dreams Come True

Finally, Avalon Group Realty makes real estate dreams reality with their heartfelt support. Tirelessly hunting for 2 full days until she discovered clients’ perfect place, Yvette “was very patient, kind and understanding,” recalls Joey S.  Emotionally invested, Yvette took the Shakespeare’s under her wings as they relocated and settled in. Even assisting with finding contractors, she remains a treasured friend. Such selfless care is touchstone of Avalon’s approach. Similarly always in clients’ corner, Aaron aggressively negotiated past heartbreaking offer rejections until finally clinching a deal to joyful tears. As Patrick Marlow relays, “Rob helped us every step in purchasing our home. Outstanding and such a positive and happy personality.” By embracing people to walk with them shoulder-to-shoulder towards their goals, Avalon Group makes the magic happen.

With over 300 5-Star reviews, the data overwhelmingly supports that Avalon Group Realty, led by top producer Aaron Hunt, markedly outshines competition as St. Petersburg’s premier real estate professionals. While specializing in luxury markets and the beach communities, their expertise spans the Tampa Bay metro assisting first timers to investors alike. Fueled by a passion for seeing dreams manifest, no goal is too big for Avalon Group to successfully make a reality.

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