Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales

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Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Pinellas Beaches Real Estate April 30 – May 3

The beach real estate market in Pinellas County was sizzling hot as summer approached. From April 30th through May 3rd, homes and condos traded hands at prices reflecting the premium placed on living by the Gulf. Let’s dive into the deals that went down on the beautiful sandy shores of St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and Madeira Beach during this timeframe.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  St. Pete Beach

To begin, a massive 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on 55th Avenue commanded the lofty sum of $2.856 million. Built in 1965 with over 2,100 square feet of living space, its sale price equaled its ambitious listing price. Additionally, a 1995 construction on Vina Del Mar Boulevard featuring 3 beds, 2.5 baths, and nearly 2,650 square feet sold for $2.55 million after asking $2.65 million initially.

Several other single-family homes also traded, albeit at relatively lower price points. For instance, a 3/3 from 1957 on Gulf Boulevard went for $1.5 million, down from $1.85 million. Likewise, a 5 bedroom, 4 bath dwelling built in 1952 with 2,772 square feet sold for $1.4 million – a discount from $1.575 million. Furthermore, a 1960s home on 77th Street changed hands for $600,000 versus $629,000 listed.

The condo market was equally active. Notably, unit A304 at 5301 Gulf Boulevard, a 3/3 built in 2006 measuring 2,370 square feet, fetched $1.44 million after an asking price of $1.5 million. However, a 1958 condo on Tessier Drive with 1,330 square feet sold right at the list price of $939,000. Smaller units went for under $600,000, including a 1 bed, 1 bath for $585,000 and a 625 square foot condo for $259,000.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Other sales included:
  • 3962 Poinsettia Dr: 3/2, 1,140 sqft, built 1955. Listed $599,900, sold $600,000
  • 260 40th Ave: 2/2, 1,236 sqft, built 1950. Listed $599,900, sold $575,000
  • 555 Gulf Way #1S: 1/1, 890 sqft, built 1970. Listed $599,000, sold $585,000
  • 9425 Blind Pass Rd #1207: 2/2, 1,175 sqft, built 1978. Listed $599,000, sold $575,000
  • 165 44th Ave: 2/1, 783 sqft, built 1945. Listed $495,000, sold $455,000
  • 8911 Blind Pass Rd #208: 2/2, 845 sqft, built 1973. Listed $345,000, sold $330,000
  • 6061 2nd St E #51: 1/1, 785 sqft, built 1966. Listed $279,000, sold $272,000

In summary, whether a multi-million dollar beachfront estate or a cozy one-bedroom condo, St. Pete Beach real estate saw significant movement during this spring period. Buyers were willing to pay top dollar to live in this tropical paradise.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Treasure Island

Just up the road, the island community of Treasure Island experienced its own frenzy of real estate activity from April 30 to May 3.

Most notably, a massive 3 bedroom, 4 bath condo built in 1967 with over 2,200 square feet at 10066 S Yacht Club Drive traded for $1.8 million, slightly below its $1.899 million ask. On the other hand, a relatively modest 3/2 single family home from 1967 at 11200 6th St E managed to sell for $1 million right at listing price.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Other sales included:
  • 501 Sandy Hook Rd: 3/2.5, 2,025 sqft, built 1985. Listed $749,900, sold $740,000
  • 500 Treasure Island Cswy #607: 2/2 condo, 1,308 sqft, built 1974. Listed $494,999, sold $475,000
  • 135 122nd Ave E: 1/1 home, 674 sqft, built 1932. Listed/sold $475,000
  • 150 Sun Isle Cir #45: 2/2 townhouse, 970 sqft, built 1990. Listed $414,000, sold $410,000

Suffice to say, Treasure Island’s quaint beach vibe and laidback atmosphere didn’t stop buyers from pursuing properties, whether massive condos or historic bungalows. The island’s charms clearly remain in high demand.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Madeira Beach

Our final stop is the sunny shores of Madeira Beach, where high-end transactions set records from April 30th to May 3rd.

The star of the show was a massive 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath luxury condo at 13600 Gulf Boulevard that changed hands for an earth-shattering $2.95 million. Though under the $3.25 million list price, this 2007 construction with over 3,100 square feet represented the kind of premier beachfront living that commands top dollar in Madeira.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  Other notable sales included:
  • 13440 Gulf Blvd #506: 2/2 condo, 1,055 sqft, built 1981. Listed $1.1M, sold $1.05M
  • 400 150th Ave #307: 3/3 condo, 1,826 sqft, built 2022. Listed $1,074,950, sold $1,099,950
  • 400 150th Ave #506: 3/3 condo, 1,978 sqft, built 2022. Listed/sold $1,062,350
  • 14900 Gulf Blvd #405: 2/2 condo, 1,100 sqft, built 1980. Listed $850K, sold $800K

Whether ultra-luxurious penthouses or decades-old but charming condos, Madeira Beach continues to be a highly sought-after destination for those craving coastal living. Its scenic stretches of sand and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal spot to call home.

Recent Pinellas Beach Home Sales:  In Conclusion

From the fun-in-the-sun vibe of St. Pete Beach to the island paradise of Treasure Island to the upscale oceanfront lifestyle of Madeira Beach, Pinellas County’s gulf coast communities saw an influx of real estate activity in the initial days of May 2024. Buyers of all budgets pursued their piece of the Sunshine State’s renowned beach towns, seeking to make the most of the area’s unique charms. With summer kicking into high gear, the recent sales indicate no signs of the beach buying frenzy letting up anytime soon.

While the sales figures paint an enticing picture of beach living, buying real estate in these coveted communities isn’t for the faint of heart. Competition remains fierce, with many properties receiving multiple offers over asking price. Seasoned real estate agents report a steady stream of out-of-state buyers looking to cash in on Florida’s lack of state income tax.

“We’re seeing a lot of northeasterners and midwesterners make the permanent move down here,” says Barbara Slater, a broker with Oceanfront Realty Group in St. Pete Beach. “With the ability to work remotely, they’d rather spend those harsh winter months by the ocean instead of shoveling snow.”

Indeed, remote work dynamics have been a game-changer opening up beach markets to a national buyer pool. But that’s just one factor driving demand. The overall appeal of the laidback coastal lifestyle, coupled with Florida’s business-friendly policies, continues to lure new residents from across the country.

“Florida has so much to offer – the warm weather, lower cost of living, no state income tax,” says Jeff Kramer, who recently purchased a $1.2 million condo in Treasure Island after leaving Chicago. “When you can work from anywhere, why not somewhere with beautiful beaches year-round?”

Real estate professionals stress that buyers need to be pre-approved, move quickly on desirable listings, and be prepared for bidding wars.

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