Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach cover picture shows the tiki decor and eating booths of the new restaurant.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Cambria Hotel – First Floor
15015 Madeira Way, Suite 100
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

The Legendary Don the Beachcomber Returns to Launch a New Era of Tiki
After nearly a century, the godfather of the tiki movement has been reborn in Madeira Beach. Cue the exhilarated cheers and get those coconut mugs ready – Don the Beachcomber is back, baby!

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  An Iconic Tiki Paradise Reimagined

In contrast to the past, Don the Beachcomber has officially opened its doors on Madeira Beach, bringing the intoxicating tiki culture pioneered by the original Donn Beach back into mainstream consciousness. Likewise, this larger-than-life locale on the ground floor of the Cambria Hotel stunningly captures the escapist paradise and tropical rum-filled delights that Donn cultivated decades ago.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Transported to a Lush Tiki Wonderland

Indeed, as soon as you enter this Polynesian playground, you’ll be transported. Vivid decor, island music, and the smiling faces of your flower-adorned servers instantly shift your vibe from everyday reality to a fantasy getaway, not unlike Donn’s original vision. Comparatively, the 298-seat indoor-outdoor environment further heightens the illusion that you’ve set foot into your own private tropical oasis.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Cocktails & Bites Inspired by the South Pacific

Additionally, the food and drink menus fully commit to sweeping you away to the exotic South Pacific. Of course, this means plenty of Donn’s famously inventive, rum-based tiki cocktails. For example, you can delight your palate with tropical elixirs like the Three Dots and a Dash or the legendary Zombie. Alternatively, sink your teeth into tasty pupu platters and Polynesian fare, from crab Rangoon and coconut shrimp to teriyaki burgers. Yum!

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Honoring a Tiki Pioneer

Most noteworthy is the backstory that brought this magical concept to life. Specifically, 23 Restaurant Services purchased the rights to the Don the Beachcomber name and original recipes. In turn, they’ve lovingly resurrected Donn’s trailblazing legacy for old and new tikiphiles alike to enjoy.

Indeed, Donn Beach essentially introduced America to the idea of tiki culture with his original Hollywood cafe in the 1930s. Inspired by his travels, Donn wanted to bring the allure of the tropics stateside. As a result, he opened the nation’s first tiki bar, fusing tropical rum drinks, Islander cuisine, and decorative elements into one escapist fantasy. Furthermore, he pioneered now-legendary cocktails like the Mai Tai and Zombie, cementing his status as the godfather of tiki.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Ushering in a New Era

Additionally, the 23 Restaurant group didn’t simply recreate this new Don the Beachcomber for nostalgia’s sake. Rather, they assembled a team of tiki culture experts as advisors. In turn, this allows them to meld Donn’s original vision with modern interpretations. Truly, the combination brilliantly balances the timeless, iconic elements with contemporary updates.

Notably, they plan to open 10-15 additional locations in the coming years. Indeed, this resurrection ushers tiki back into mainstream consciousness for new generations. Of course, that includes both nostalgic tikiphiles and tiki newcomers alike!

Famous Tiki Elixirs: More than Just Rum Punch Of course, no tiki bar would be complete without discussing the booze! Specifically, Donn Beach pioneered the very first famous tiki cocktails, mainly tropical rum concoctions with fruit juices and syrups. While tasty, these drinks pack a serious punch!

In particular, Donn crafted over 80 signature elixirs during his decades running the original restaurant. Most notably, that included tiki staples like the Scorpion Bowl and legendary Zombie. However, the queen bee of all tropical tipples has to be none other than the world-renowned Mai Tai!

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Mai Tai

The Enchanting History Behind the Mai Tai As backstory goes, Donn reportedly invented the very first Mai Tai in honor of some Tahitian friends visiting his bar in mid-century California. Translating to “out of this world” in Tahitian, this mix became Don’s most iconic and decorated cocktail.

Specifically, his original 1934 recipe contained 17-year-old J. Wray Nephew Jamaican rum, orange Curaçao, orgeat syrup, and fresh lime. Shaken over crushed ice and garnished with mint and a pineapple wedge, this elixir quickly enchanted tiki fans. In contrast, over time bartenders started tweaking and adding their own spins.

The Mai Tai Tradition Lives On Indeed, what makes a “real” Mai Tai so contentious is that variations veer far from Donn’s original. Nevertheless, the cocktail remains intrinsically tied to the fabric of tiki history. Furthermore, the new Don the Beachcomber features several riffs on this classic cocktail.

For instance, the 1944 Mai Tai includes Appleton Estate Signature Blend rum, Cointreau Noir, lime, pineapple and orange juice. Alternatively, guests can order a flight to sample Donn’s original 1934 recipe alongside modern interpretations! Without a doubt, the Mai Tai tradition brilliantly balances past and present in one sublime sip.

Bring the Tiki Life Home Of course, with Don the Beachcomber sparking a revived obsession with tiki, you’ll probably crave bringing those vibes home! Thankfully, transforming your humble abode into a passable tiki habitat is totally manageable.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  Decor

First, nail down some key decorative elements that evoke the exotic tropical milieu. We’re talking rattan furniture, bamboo accents, palm leaf wallpaper, and woven banana leaf prints. Additionally, display vintage-looking maps of the Pacific Islands or framed travel posters of faraway tropic destinations.

For lighting, swap out boring fixtures for bamboo pole lamps or colorful paper lanterns. You can also string festive patio lighting for an instant luau feel. Just don’t forget to incorporate tiki statues, masks, spears and other Polynesian carvings wherever possible!

Of course, the pièce de résistance ties everything together – an elaborate home tiki bar! Make it from bamboo or rattan to keep costs down, then decorate it with nautical rope accents, shells, and faux tropical foliage. Make sure to stock up on a few essential bar tools, tons of rum, fruity mixers, fun glassware, and festive swizzle sticks.

Finally, complete the environment by keeping a playlist of tropical lounge music spinning in the background. Steel guitar and bongo beats perfectly complement the aesthetic. Additionally, look up Polynesian dinner recipes to whip up at home, from kalua pork to pineapple fried rice.

Follow those tips, and your home will instantly transport you to an endless island vacation, no plane ticket required! Just make sure to invite all your flip-flop-wearing friends over to enjoy some backyard tropical vibes.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  The Party Lasts All Night!

Likewise, the party doesn’t stop once the sun goes down at this hot new hotspot. While you can swing by for happy hour bites and cocktail specials earlier, the real magic happens at night! Specifically, the restaurant stays open until 11 pm Sunday through Wednesday. However, they extend the celebration until 1 am on weekends! Without a doubt, that means more time to soak up the tiki atmosphere with festive friends!

In conclusion, Don the Beachcomber’s relaunch is major cause for celebration in the tiki community and beyond! Indeed, it honors a pivotal pioneer while ushering in a new era for this uniquely escapist subculture. So grab your grass skirts and tacky tiki mugs – it’s time for paradise, beachcomber style!

The Epic Backstory of Donn Beach Of course, we can’t discuss this iconic establishment without paying homage to the godfather himself – Donn Beach. After all, this one-of-a-kind trailblazer invented the concept of the tiki bar nearly a century ago!

Born Ernest Gantt, Donn later earned the nickname “Don the Beachcomber” thanks to his sailboat named The Beachcomber. As a young globetrotter in the 1920s, Donn become enchanted by the tropical locales he encountered across the Pacific. Specifically, he adored the flavorful rums, laidback lifestyles, and lush landscapes.

Tiki Bar Opens at Madeira Beach:  More History

Upon returning stateside, Donn longed to bring the magic of those faraway fantasy lands back home. As a result, he opened the very first Polynesian-themed tropical cafe in Hollywood in 1934. Indeed, this first incubator of tiki culture wowed Angelenos with its never-before-seen decorative style and rum-based cocktails.

Over the next several decades, Donn opened over a dozen additional elaborate restaurant outposts to meet demand. Complete with lavish South Seas-inspired decor, these popular spots catered to many Hollywood celebrities. Most notably, A-listers like Charlie Chaplin and Howard Hughes became regulars.

Additionally, Donn himself became a bit of a star thanks to media coverage surrounding his sensational tropical watering holes. Indeed, his name and restaurants grew to icon status, indelibly linked with launching America’s tiki era.

While Donn eventually left the business in the 1970s, his trailblazing vision and larger-than-life persona cemented his enduring legacy. Today, he’s still revered as the pioneering patriarch who introduced tiki culture stateside nearly a century ago!

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