Benefits of Property Surveys

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Benefits of Property Surveys:  Why Property Surveys Matter More Than Ever

Getting a property survey is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner. However, many people underestimate the value surveys provide. With advanced mapping technology and aerial drones, property surveys have become more efficient than ever. Read on to understand why surveys offer immense benefits for both buyers and sellers.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  What Exactly is a Property Survey?

A property survey is an in-depth examination and measurement of a property’s boundaries and features, carried out by a licensed surveyor. The surveyor utilizes specialized tools like GPS, 3D laser scanners, and robotic stations to precisely map the perimeter, structures, easements, and topography.

However, technological advancements have streamlined the process, allowing for more efficient data collection and analysis. This has helped reduce the overall time required for a survey.

The completed survey document delineates accurate property lines and provides legal documentation of a property’s size and composition. For anyone buying or selling real estate, this level of clarity is invaluable.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Top Reasons Buyers Need Surveys

As a prospective homebuyer, obtaining a professional property survey is strongly advised before purchase. Surveys empower buyers with insights that impact decisions and ownership for years to come:

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Precise Boundary Lines

A survey map details exact property lines and corners, ensuring you understand the true extent of what you are buying. Relying solely on plat maps or the listing description leaves margin for error.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Encroachment Identification

Surveys uncover encroachments like fences or structures from neighbors that infringe on actual property lines. Buyers must evaluate these issues upfront before finalizing a purchase.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Flood Zone and Elevation Details

Surveys determine high-precision elevation data along with flood zone classifications from FEMA. This directly impacts insurance rates and financing eligibility.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Easements on the Property

Easements and rights-of-way across a property for access, utilities, or other usage must also be identified. Buyers should assess any implications of these agreements.

In summary, buyers benefit tremendously from surveys by confirming exactly what they are paying for, avoiding unknown surprises, and making fully informed purchase decisions.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Why Sellers Should Get Surveys Too

On the seller side, obtaining an up-to-date property survey is equally advantageous. Key reasons sellers need surveys include:

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Resolving Boundary Line Confusion

Similar to buyers, a professionally mapped survey gives sellers total clarity on their property lines, dimensions, and overall extent of their land ownership.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Identifying Existing Encroachments

By proactively checking for any boundary infringements before listing, sellers can rectify issues instead of being blindsided later in the transaction process.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Accurately Marketing Home Features

With precise land measurements and maps of existing structures, sellers can correctly advertise home and property attributes to buyers without misrepresenting specs.

Benefits of Property Surveys: Increased Perceived Home Value

An existing property survey makes a very positive impression on buyers. It signals the seller is organized, transparent, and willing to resolve problems upfront.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Faster Transaction Process

By having a survey ready, sellers remove one more roadblock that could delay closing timeframes, allowing them to complete deals faster.

It is readily evident sellers stand to gain in all areas by making the small upfront investment into a survey. Let’s examine what all goes into a survey.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Exact Components In a Survey Report

While boundaries and encroachments understandably get much focus, a comprehensive property survey contains numerous other land details, including:

– All utility lines and easements crossing the property
– Filter fields for septic systems
– Flood zone classifications from FEMA
– Wetlands areas that may limit buildings
– Contour and elevation details
– Compliance verification for permits on any structures
– Items like retaining walls, driveways, walkways
– Vegetation barriers, fence lines and monuments
– Setback measurements from property lines

Inspecting all facets covered in a survey equips buyers and sellers to best understand the property’s opportunities and limitations.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Technological Advances in Surveying

Property surveys involve extensive measurement, documentation and mapping. However, technological breakthroughs have significantly enhanced accuracy and efficiency.  Key innovations include:

Benefits of Property Surveys:  GPS and Robotic Stations

Incorporating GPS satellite data provides more precise measurement of boundary lines and topographic features. Robotic total stations also enable comprehensive scanning.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Drone Mapping

Elevation details that required exhaustive manual contour checking can now get captured rapidly through aerial drone flights and photogrammetry.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Advanced Mapping Software

Cloud-hosted programs seamlessly integrate location data into dynamic digital property maps. Tools also facilitate boundary redrawing.

While physical onsite work remains vital, technology integration has compressed weeks of work into days while multiplying accuracy. Home buyers and sellers are big winners.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   5 Must-Follow Tips for Picking a Surveyor

With property surveys being such a vital component of real transactions, choosing a truly reputable surveyor is crucial. Use these research tips when evaluating area surveyors:

**Verify Licensing** – Ensure surveying licenses are active and in good standing within your state.

**Check Technology** – Look for drone, GPS, laser scanning and advanced software capabilities for greatest accuracy.

**Review Online Ratings** – Search independent review sites to gauge recent customer satisfaction ratings.

**Compare Multiple Quotes** – Obtain several quotes to benchmark fair market pricing based on your property size.

**Request Sample Work** – Ask prospects to share examples of past survey drawings to assess quality.

Doing diligent due diligence reduces chances of choosing the wrong fit for your critical property mapping needs.

Benefits of Property Surveys:   Why Finalize a Purchase Without a Survey?

Ultimately, when evaluating the multitude of insights a survey surfaces alongside the small relative cost, obtaining one is a no-brainer before buying or selling homes.

As property disputes escalate across the country, there has never been more value in understanding exact boundaries and encroachments. Rounding corners by skipping due diligence could lead to consequences down the road.

Leave the unknown behind through a detailed property survey. Gain the confidence needed to make sound decisions, properly maintain what is yours and resolve issues early that may fester for years to come. The land you are dealing with deserves nothing less.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Answering Common Questions on Surveys

If you are still on the fence regarding getting a survey for your property, you likely have some lingering questions. Below we unravel some of the most frequent queries around property surveys:

Benefits of Property Surveys:  What Are The Different Types of Surveys?

While boundary surveys are most common for buyers and sellers, other specialized surveys include:

  • Topographic Surveys – Map elevation contours, landscape features and drainage patterns. Helpful for construction planning.
  • Tree Surveys – Identify and map trees on the property, useful for landscaping enhancements.
  • ALTA Surveys – Highly detailed surveys meeting American Land Title Association specifications. Verify a wide array of features.
  • As-built Surveys – Confirm structures meet design plans with precise measurements after construction finishes.

Each survey type serves specific purposes, with boundary mapping being most applicable for real estate transactions.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  What Factors Impact the Cost of a Survey?

Multiple elements influence property survey pricing, such as:

  • Location – Survey costs can vary across different geographic areas
  • Size – Larger, more complex properties demand more time and resources
  • Accessibility – Heavily wooded or challenging terrain is more labor intensive
  • Scope requested – Additional detail requires greater effort from the surveyor

Generally for single-family residential plots under 1 acre, expect to pay $300 – $700 on average. Get quotes from 3-4 local surveyors before deciding.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  How Long Does Completing a Property Survey Take?

Another common question involves project duration. With advanced technology expediting mapping, most surveys take 2 to 4 weeks start to finish. However exact timelines depend on:

  • Property size and terrain complexity
  • Current workload and availability of the surveyor’s schedule
  • Weather conditions that could limit accessibility
  • Speed of obtaining plat maps or deed data from local records

While rare, some complex property surveys with legal disputes, poor documentation of records, or extreme land features may take up to 6-8 weeks to fully complete.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  How Do I Find Reputable Surveyors In My Area?

Searching for a reliable, high-caliber surveyor involves following proven tips:

  • Ask trusted real estate agents for surveyor referrals
  • Search industry association sites for certified member listings
  • Read online reviews on Google, Facebook and other platforms
  • Verify proper licensure and insurance coverage
  • Compare experience levels across prospective firms

Vetting the experience, qualifications and reputation of surveyors goes far in finding the right partner for your property’s needs.

Make the small investment for clarity over one of your largest assets. Contact a professional surveyor today to map your property accurately once and for all.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Interesting Property Survey Statistics

As property surveys continue growing in popularity across real estate transactions, various reports have revealed intriguing statistics that quantify their value:

  • Over 90% of home buyers claimed surveys gave them greater conviction they were making the right purchase
  • 85% of surveyors noted property disputes were resolved simply by presenting their survey findings
  • 70% of homeowners planning construction projects said surveys helped them maximize budget and efficiency
  • Surveyors using aerial drones for topographic mapping reported completing jobs in 30% less time
  • States with the highest percentage of properties being surveyed before sale include Oregon, Washington and Colorado
  • The most common survey-related issues found in transactions were easement infringements and unpermitted structures

These statistics demonstrate the mounting importance banks, buyers, sellers and builders place on obtaining surveys.

Benefits of Property Surveys:  Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, property surveys equip all parties involved with unambiguous insights into the land changing hands. As emerging neighbor disputes propel people towards courtrooms across America, a small proactive investment sets the stage for avoiding predicaments before they escalate.

Why leave things open to interpretation when it comes to your largest investment? Partner with a trusted property surveyor for guaranteed clarity when buying, selling or developing land. Lay down fixed reference points for making decisions instead of taking chances. Surveys provide the direction needed to navigate property ownership confidently for years ahead.

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