Cottage Style Homes St. Petersburg FL

In recent years the popularity of the Cottage Style Homes has increased. If you’re a big Jane Austen fan (or of any English period piece) this is your decor moment. But don’t just think of an old English Cottage out on the moors…

Cottage Style Homes

This style also works well with the beachy lifestyle in the Tampa Bay Area. Boats and sand can also be classified within the Cottage Style. So how can you implement this typically causal style in your home? Luckily, it’s easy and rather inexpensive.

Cottage Style Homes:  How to Create It

Rule number one: keep it informal. Cottage Style Homes are meant to make your surroundings feel relaxed and calm. Comfort is key here. That’s what you want your guests to feel as soon as they enter your home. The atmosphere of your Cottage Style house is airy, light; it prefers vintage over modern.

Outdoor cottage style

Recycle and Re-use

Do you breathe and live green? Cottage Style Homes are very eco-conscious. Hunt through flea markets, garage and estate sales and your grandmother’s attic for items that can be repurposed. Get creative and turn an old door into a dining table. Natural elements and being in harmony with nature are an important feature with this style.

Cottage Style Homes For Sale St Petersburg FL


The color schemes for Cottage Style also lean to natural hues running from neutrals to pastels. Incorporate floral patterns for an English or country vibe; for a beach side cottage feel use white and navy while adding some nautical elements.

Wood floors are also popular in this style and again reflects the use of natural elements.

Built in cabinets create a cottage style home.

Keep accessories eclectic and avoid matching. Put on display your grandmother’s old china while mixing other finds you’ve scavenged at an antique shop. Throw some slipcovers over your sofa and chairs (and don’t worry about it having to match) to change the look of your room without investing in new furniture. Blend your unique finds and heirlooms throughout your rooms. Display old straw hats, antique keys, books, for your English/French cottage. For a cottage beach look display items from a long ago shipwreck.

If you’re looking for a style that’s cozy and laid back, easy on your budget, and allows you to showcase your family’s heirlooms Cottage Style is a good option.  We are here to help you find your perfect cottage home in St. Petersburg FL and Tampa Bay.  Call Aaron at 727-262-7920 to get your home search started.  Or click here to look for homes on our website.

A cottage style greenhouse.