Cover pic says :Classic Drives" and features a classic car in the background. The car has a emblem that says "Comet" The picture is black and white.

Daytona Car Show – Classic Drive

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Classic Drive – The Daytona Car Show.  Buying a home in St Petersburg, Tampa, 

A photo of a classic car that is painted teal and white with chrome accents.

Classic Florida Colored Cars

Clearwater and surrounding areas opens up a multitude of world class events within a short drive of your doorstep. Also, being in the middle of all the action, makes selling your home easier.  (Because so many people wish to live here)  Aaron and I are planning to take advantage of one of the biggest events this coming Thanksgiving weekend.  We are planning to go to the biggest and best car show in the USA (Rob loves following the “Rat Rod” scene). The Daytona Turkey Run is the largest combined Collector Car Show, Swap Meet and Car


A photo of a rusted rat rod.  The picture is focused on the back window  where the dash of the car is visible.

Rat Rods are Rob’s Favorite

Corral. Car enthusiasts from across the US and internationally make their way twice a year to racing’s most celebrated location, the Daytona International Speedway.

Started in 1974, the event is held on Thanksgiving weekend and the last weekend in March. Participants and spectators enjoy more than 6000 vintage, classic, muscle cars, trucks and other wheeled vehicles

Red classic car is in the picture.  The picture focuses on the front chrome bumper.

Every style of car is on display

displayed for show and sale.   

The show’s admission ticket price is $15/day. Show hours are: Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. On Sunday the show lasts until 2 pm.

Let us know if you are going so we can meet up for fun.

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