Disston Plaza Shopping Center Improvements


Disston Plaza Shopping Center Improvements Disston Plaza Shopping Center…New Publix Disston Plaza Entrance

St Petersburg’s Newest Shopping Improvements:  Disston Plaza Shopping Center

Disston Plaza Shopping Center improvements include a re-build of the Publix supermarket, traffic flow improvements, landscaping and better parking.

Publix replaced the 56 year old store structure with a state of the art complex.  In addtion, the Disston Plaza supermarket adds 4000 more square feet of space.  Furthermore, Publix created a greener building

LED Lighting in the Publix at Disston PlazaLED Lighting in the Energy Efficient Freezers.

using energy efficient LED lighting throughout the store.  Even the refrigerated shelving utilizes this same energy efficient lighting.  The pharmacy

The Disston Plaza Publix has a new modern Pharmacy The Pharmacy at the new Publix Disston Plaza is much larger in size.

improvements include a larger space and beautiful design.  Additionally, as you enter the store, there is also a beautiful sample kiosk which serves fresh vegetables and many other food items.   Moreover, everyone loves free food!  Thanks for adding this Publix!  Furthermore, the store is stunningly beautiful and brings a nice facelift to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Improvements to Traffic Flow, Landscaping and Parking

The Disston Plaza Shopping Center owner is Sembler and Forge Capital Partners.  Sembler is a part of the Forge Real Estate Partners III investment fund. Sembler and Forge have made upgrades to the parking lot, sidewalks, and made traffic improvements.   Also,  the upgrades are paid for by Sembler, not the city.  Furthermore, it includes new lighting and landscaping.  Additionally, a new traffic signal at 49th Street was added in front of the plaza, plus a new covered bus stop, and the widening of a section of the road from 38th Avenue to just south of the shopping center.

New Landscaping, covered bus stop and updated store are benefiting the community.The improvements are benefitting the surround neighborhoods.

As a result of the improvements, the  surrounding neighborhoods are benefiting from the upgrades.  These neighborhoods include Disston Heights, North Midway, Holiday Park, Twin Gables, and Coral Way North.  With all the added improvements, the area continues to see improvements and growth in businesses.

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Disston Plaza Shopping Center Improvements