DIY Backyard Dog Playground

Do you love to spoil your dog(s)? A lot of owners do. You probably already provide your furry friends with the best food, dog furniture to lounge on and all kinds of toys. But what about making them their own backyard playground?

DIY Backyard Dog Playground

There’s many reasons to build your own backyard dog playground. First, it’s safer. Public dog parks may contain hazards to your pooch like social or behavioral issues of other dogs, or your older dog may be injured around more younger and playful dogs. Second, you don’t have to travel far to get your dog some good exercise. And lastly, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can use a lot of stuff you already own.

Here are just a few ideas to help you create your doggy backyard paradise:

  • Kiddie pools
  • An obstacle course with tunnels and ramps
  • A dog house and bed
  • Small water feature like a sprinkler
  • Hang some ropes
  • A sandbox just for digging
  • An herb garden filled with healthy edibles for your dog.
  • Feeding/Watering Station
  • Tall Grass Hunting Area

Sandbox for Dogs

Just make sure all of your equipment is free from splinters, cracks and sharp edges so your pooch won’t be injured.

The Property Brothers of HGTV state that “some good things to include are shade, a feeding/watering station, a restroom area, a digging area, an obstacle course and room to run and play.”  Keeping your background dog playground safe is top priority.  So make sure to keep toxic plants out of the area, as well as ground covers that can harbor bacteria.

Balance Beam for Dogs

We have included the tall grass hunting area so your dog will have an area that feels like a wide open prairie.  Dogs love tall grass to walk through and hide.  Furthermore we like the idea of planting herbs that promote a dog’s health.  Here are the top 6 plants for your Backyard Dog Playground:

1. Burdock is one of the best herbs for skin problems. It can be given internally and externally as a wash for dry, irritated skin. Burdock is well known for its anti-cancer potential and its impact on the lymphatics, reducing heat and congestion in the body.

2. Milk Thistle
  Known for its healing benefits to the liver, milk thistle is a great choice for a pet herb garden. One of the lesser-known benefits is that it is very calming for your dog’s temper.

3. Lemon balm
is a hardy perennial that prefers moist soil. It’s great for senior pets because it strengthens memory and vitality. Lemon Balm can also calm the nervous system and soothe the stomach ailments of highly anxious dogs.

4. Peppermint
is super-easy to grow. Like Burdock, it will flourish and take over if you give it the chance. While peppermint will help your dog with nausea and indigestion, it is also great for freshening your pooch’s breath, relieving toothaches, and soothing insect bites—not to mention it will give off a lovely fragrance!

5. Astragalus is a popular and highly versatile herb that can be used for a variety of conditions. It can promote healing, improve digestion, decrease blood sugar, and decrease blood pressure. It can be given as a dried herb in a decoction or as a tincture.

blood sugar, and decrease blood pressure. It can be given as a dried herb in a decoction or as a tincture.

6  Sage  You’d want to keep sage around as this can greatly help with a variety of ailments including infections, and mouth, skin, or digestive ulcerations. Plant sage in soil that drains well and where there is a lot of sunlight.

Backyard Dog Playground

No matter if you have small backyard or if you have a lot of space, it doesn’t take much to build a dog playground. It’ll provide a lot of enjoyment for both pooch and owner.  You might be looking to upgrade to a better backyard space for your dog.  If so, call 727-262-7920 to speak to Aaron or click here to look for homes on our website. He will help you get started with your new home search.