Fabrica Pizza, Our Favorite Pizza in St. Petersburg, FL


Palm Trees lined streets at entrance of Fabrica Pizza 1st Ave. S Street Entrance to Fabrica Pizza

New Wood Fired Pizza in St. Petersburg, FL:  Fabrica Pizza

Fabrica Pizza welcome to St. Petersburg!  Driving down 1st Avenue South to work every day, we pass this gem of culinary delights. Driving by without dropping in, each day we say “we should try that place.”  You see, we already have a favorite pizza place we go to regularly in St. Petersburg, FL, so we fear the new.  The

A modern dining area with a classic Italian mural on the rear wall. Notice the Modern Clean Design with touches of classic Italian flair.

n suddenly our favorite place raises prices by 40%.  Now we are suddenly READY to try the “new place.”

Fabrica Pizza

The day has arrived to try out Fabrica Pizza.  Excited, we immediately fall in love with the modern twist of design, that incorporates touches of classic Italian elements.  Also, the tiled wall under the bar just draws you in.  Then you start smelling all the fresh made ingredients making your sensory receptors go into overdrive.

Modern designed dining with old-world elements The classic tiled bar adds old-world style to the modern design.

Fresh Ingredients Prepared Daily:  Fabrica Pizza

Seriously, you can sense the fresh ingredients when you enter the door.  Moreover, you can feel the love that goes into making our new favorite pizza in St. Petersburg.  Seriously, each day, before the sun rises, the chefs are preparing all the fresh ingredients that will pop on the pallets of all the new fans of Fabrica.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this video and feel the love.

Fabrica Pizza: Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza Taking a 2nd pizza home for later 🙂

Every-time we enter the doors, you can feel the attention to cleanliness.  Also, this is the cleanest pizzaria you will ever experience.  Furthermore, it’s always spotless.  Additionally, it just feels good in every way.  Make sure you sign up for their email updates and get a free delectable dish!

Welcome Fabrica Pizza, you are our new favorite pizza in St. Petersburg, FL!

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Fabrica Pizza