Fun Warm Summer Nights

Are you taking advantage of the fun warm summer nights?  It’s the perfect time to connect with family and friends over a fire pit to roast hot dogs, make smores, and sing campfire songs.  (Inviting a friend that plays guitar will take it over the top!)

Brooksley the west and Aaron the human sit at night by the fire pit. Brooksley and Aaron enjoying the fire pit

  Hosting friends or even having a larger block party, we suggest using your best game to make sure your event is a blast for all.

Whether you have a huge yard or a tiny patio, here are 4 ways to level up your outdoor entertainment game and keep your guests happy on fun warm summer nights.

Giant games

Our guests will undoubtedly

A young man playing giant jingo carefully removes a piece of wood from the bottom of the stack as other people look on. Careful!!!

be entertained by watching or playing a massive version of popular childhood games, such as Jenga or Connect Four. Try Jenga® GIANT™; just like with the tiny version, the goal is to remove and add blocks without knocking over the whole thing.  And everyone will be on their toes, watching to see when it will tumble.  Also, other crowd pleasers are getting a 6 to 8 foot diameter ball and playing foose ball or soccer (small backyard playing field is perfect).

Fun Warm Summer Nights  

If you want to create something more crazy and memorable, try trash volleyball.  Set up a volleyball net and gather “trash” items.  I use all newspaper, old beach umbrellas, folding chairs, plastic swimming pools, and even an old kitchen sink.  Next, place items evenly on each side of the net.

A group of adultsPlaying Volleyball with a HUGE ball. The ball is blue and yellow. They are playing on a green grass field. Playing Volleyball with a HUGE ball.

Then each team will throw the trash to the other side with a clock timer set to 10 min.  Finally, at the end of 10 min, the side with the least amount of trash wins.  Don’t miss out on these fun warm summer night activities.

Outdoor bar with cooler

A traditional cooler does the trick if you just need your drinks chilled on a fun warm summer night.

A backyard outdoor bar area is filled with people fellowshipping under patio string lights. Lights camera, outdoor bar!

But step up your game with a nice outdoor bar like this one that expands to reveal a spot to add ice and cool your beverages. It’s also great for setting out ingredients for fun mixed drinks

Fun Warm Summer Nights Camouflaged speaker

Playing great music can change the entire atmosphere of a fun warm summer night gathering. This weatherproof speaker, which is camouflaged as a rock, looks like part of your landscaping and can provide a soundtrack to your parties regardless of the weather.

Nights Bubbles!

Every event is better with bubbles.  For instance, I personally have a high output bubble machine that I use at events.  The children always love it…big and small.

A backyard party with bubbles at night. There are patio string lights overhead. Formal becomes informal with bubbles.

Or get bubble maker bottles for everyone to make their own.  Also, on fun warm summer nights,  get spotlights and large pan bubble makers and wands…and watch your guests come alive!  The lights will highlight you guests’ creations.

Fun Warm Summer Nights...Large art bubbles are floating in the dark of night, and lights cause them to glisten and glow. Night bubbles reflect lights.

Moreover, try a mixture of different colored spotlights to make the bubbles look even more spectacular!

Maybe you need a bigger backyard to entertain?  Contact us, we can help!