Homespun Thanksgiving

 Craft Warmth This Thanksgiving:  Homespun Thanksgiving

A Homespun Thanksgiving in St. Petersburg FL.  Thoughts of Thanksgiving always make my heart well up with warm feelings of love and thankfulness. Also, living in a perpetual mindset of thankfulness has always been my goal, so this year I decided to start a new tradition to celebrate my favorite holiday.

First, along with pumpkins, butternut squash, and other Fall produce by the front door, I made signs with quotes of thanksgiving sayings.

Additionally, I gathered old used yard sale signs and pieces of plywood and started applying base coats of paint

Next, homespun Thanksgiving art begins with paint…any color of paint will do. Furthermore, you can see that I used a green color for my signs that will go above the entrance doors.  Also, for a more rustic feel, use two colors of paint that will contrast.  See the finished sign below to see a two tone background.

Homespun Thanksgiving Avalon Group

Make it Personal:  Homespun Thanksgiving

Continuing, I use a detail brush from Michaels Craft Store to write the sayings. In addition, I feel it’s better to ‘freehand’ the words. Moreover, let your natural handwriting show through.  But if your scripting skills are lacking, you can always use stencils. Additionally,  try to just use your natural handwriting (it brings life to the words… knowing a machine did not produce the sign).

Once the paint dried, I put one sign by the entrance

sidewalk (“Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart”).

To hang the signs above the outside doors I measured the holes in the signs.  I then used the drill to start the holes for two eye bolts.  Once the eyebolts were installed I used “S” hooks to hang the signs.

Being surrounded by thoughts of thankfulness helps keep us focused on what really matters:  Love, family and all the blessings we have in our lives.

Be creative…and make a difference in your neighborhood. Thankfulness is contagious…and it makes the world a better place.

Rob Johnson

Realtor St. Petersburg FL

Avalon Group