Iron Gwazi Opening Spring 2021

Iron Gwazi Opening Spring 2021
Update 1/29/21

Iron Gwazi Opening Spring 2021 is getting closer and closer.  Coaster fans from around the world are planning their trips to ride what is expected to be the “Best Roller Coaster in the World!”  Busch Gardens Tampa has officially released the POV video of the new world renowned ride.  We decided to post it here for everyone to see.  Click the video below for ONE WILD RIDE!


Update 8/6/20:  Iron Gwazi Opening Delayed

Iron Gwazi Opening Spring 2021.  Busch Gardens owner, Seaworld Entertainment just made a huge announcement.  And here it is… all rides that were under construction when the Covid-19 virus began, will have delayed openings in 2021.  Therefore many roller coaster enthusiasts will painstakingly have to wait on what is being touted as the “Best Roller Coaster in the World.”  Sadly, the biggest opening in roller coaster history will have to wait.  Also, Seaworld Entertainment reports in a press release that “Since the global COVID-19 pandemic has begun, the Company has taken proactive measures for the safety of its guests, employees and animals, to appropriately manage costs and expenditures, and to provide liquidity in response to the temporary park closures related to COVID-19.”   Although we are forced to wait on the Gwazi, we can still be thrilled knowing that the best of the best awaits us here in our own Tampa Bay backyard.

Theme Park Capital of World:  Iron Gwazi Opening

Living in St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay

Iron Gwazi under construction picture shows a crane that is yellow and black, and wooden trusses reaching to the blue sky. Gwazi under construction

is always exciting with all the amazing

Theme Parks that are within a short drive.  Moreover, the closest park is Busch Gardens which is located in northeast Tampa.  And guess what is coming soon?  “Iron Gwazi Opening in 2020 takes thrills to new heights, plunging riders from a 206 foot-tall peak into a 91-degree drop and reaching top speeds of 76 miles per hour. Once open, Iron Gwazi will take on a dozen airtime moments, including three inversions, as they sink their teeth into crocodile-inspired thrills.

Inversions at top of hills is shown in the picture. The trusses are wood color and the track is purple Inversions at top of hill 

200+ Feet Tall:  Iron Gwazi Opening

The press release also explains

The trusses are shown being built and the purple track shows an upside down point. Ready to Scream?

“Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, the newest addition at Busch Gardens will be a wood and steel hybrid coaster design, featuring a maximum height of more than 200 feet tall. The ride will feature all-new thrill elements, as well as restored elements of Gwazi. Coaster enthusiasts can follow the progress of Iron Gwazi through the park’s social media channels and using #IronGwazi.” If you are looking to buy a home in the exciting Tampa Bay Area, call 727-262-7920 or click here.

Iron Gwazi will feature RMC’s patented I-Box Track technology. Also, Iron Gwazi will reuse a large portion

A wide shot of the entire Iron Gwazi Roller Coaster. There are trees in the background, and wooden trusses and purple track. The massive Coaster is World Class

of the wooden structure that existed when the coaster was known as Gwazi, making it a hybrid roller coaster that utilizes a combination of steel and wood. Moreover, it will become the tallest hybrid roller coaster in North America when it opens.  And will be the steepest and fastest hybrid roller coaster in the world.

Original Gwazi: Iron Gwazi Opening

Gwazi was originally built as a wooden, dueling coaster with two

A crane lifts the top track. The background of the picture is the skyline of Tampa. A crane lifts the top track.

separate tracks.  Also,  Gwazi first opened to the public on June 18, 1999. Additionally, it was constructed by Great Coasters International and was named after a fabled creature with the head of a tiger and the body of a lion. Accordingly, the two sides of the roller coaster’s track were named Lion and Tiger. The ride, which reached a maximum speed of 51 mph (82 km/h), stretched over 7,000 feet (2,100 m) when taking both tracks into account.

Looking from the top of the 2006 foot tall peak. The picture shows the purple track from the point of view of a drone. Looking from the top of the 2006 foot tall peak

Although both sides were similar, they were not identical. The trains, which take inspiration from a crocodile, with a sneering smile and both light and dark green carriages will seat two riders. There is a minimum height requirement of 48 inches.   Therefore, be aware that younger and smaller riders won’t be able to ride.  We are excited because this new ride will make Tampa the top thrill roller coaster destination in the world.  If you are looking to buy a home in the exciting Tampa Bay Area, call 727-262-7920 or click here.

The picture shows teal blue skies with the highest hill and drop of Iron Gwazi. The the foreground is an inversion of the rollercoaster.Vertical Drop!