Mutts and Martinis St Petersburg

Mutts and Martinis St Petersburg Cover shows the blue sign for the business and a picture of our Bella Brooksley in a pool swimming. A white Westie.

Mutts and Martinis, what does this mean?  Well St Petersburg, Florida, already known as the nation’s most dog-friendly city, is taking it up a notch with the opening of Mutts and Martinis. This highly anticipated dog park and full-liquor bar, located at 2900 Central Avenue, is set to open in March. The brainchild behind this innovative concept is Natalie Conner, the owner of Love My Dog Resort and Playground, which has locations in downtown St. Pete and northern Pinellas County.

This is the rendering of the new Mutts and Martinis on Central. The picture shows the pool area and building.

This is the rendering of the new Mutts and Martinis on Central.

Mutts and Martinis St Petersburg:  Dog Play

With over 5,000 square feet of space, Mutts and Martinis will feature a zero-entry splash fountain and water sprays, making it a perfect place for dogs to cool off and play. The fountain will be only about 10 inches deep, ensuring the safety of dogs while they have fun. Similar to the nearby Dog Bar, Mutts and Martinis will require memberships, and dogs must meet certain requirements such as being up to date on vaccinations.

The property was formerly an auto-repair shop, King’s Transmission, and Conner is making full use of the large garage-door openings that were already part of the building. Additionally, the facility will have a thick-gauge, wrought-iron fencing around the entire property, ensuring the safety of dogs and their owners. Mutts and Martinis will also have double-gated entry to ensure the safety of dogs and their owners. Small dogs and senior pups will have a separate entrance for added safety.

The safety of dogs and their owners is a top priority for Mutts and Martinis. Moreover, dogs will have to be leashed when they aren’t in the specific park portions of the facility. Mutts and Martinis will have a dedicated area where pooches can be dried off after they’ve splish-splashed their way around the park.

View off the new poo/waterpark for dogs. There is a safety fence around the pool that is orange.

View off the new poo/waterpark for dogs.

Mutts and Martinis St Petersburg:  Sports

The entertainment of pup parents has not been overlooked. Mutts and Martinis will have 27  TVs to watch all the NFL games, the hockey, and live music. Conner plans to bring in local food trucks to round out the menu, and there will be dog treats and accessories for sale. Mutts and Martinis will also host breed-specific meetups. A portion of the bar area will be air-conditioned to provide relief from the summer heat.

Mutts and Martinis will likely have a soft opening, and then it will be open Wednesday through Sunday, with Mondays and Tuesdays possibly being available for private events. Memberships information will be forthcoming.

The concept of Mutts and Martinis is unique, and it’s the first of its kind in the city. Conner believes that people will love the idea of having a place where they can bring their dogs, have a drink, and socialize with other dog owners.

Furthermore, St. Petersburg has been recognized as the most dog-friendly city in the United States, and it’s not surprising that a place like Mutts and Martinis is opening in the city. The city has a variety of dog-friendly restaurants, cafes, and beaches, making it a perfect place to have a furry friend.

Another view of the construction of the pool for dogs and the building. The pool water is a teal blue and the building is white and blue.

Another view of the construction of the pool for dogs and the building.

Mutts and Martinis St Petersburg:  Social

Dogs are considered part of the family by many people, and they want to bring them along wherever they go. The concept of Mutts and Martinis recognizes this and provides a unique place for dog owners to enjoy a drink while their furry friends play and socialize.

It’s essential to keep dogs happy and healthy, and Mutts and Martinis is an excellent place for them to have fun and socialize with other dogs. Socialization is critical for dogs, and it helps prevent behavioral problems. Mutts and Martinis will be a place where dogs can socialize in a safe and controlled environment.

In conclusion, Mutts and Martinis is set to become the newest addition to St. Petersburg’s dog-friendly culture. With its spacious design, safety measures, and entertainment options, it’s clear that Natalie Conner has thought of everything to ensure both dogs and their owners have a great time. The facility’s combination of a dog park and full-liquor bar is a unique concept, and it’s sure to attract many dog lovers from all over the area. Mutts and Martinis is not only a great spot for dogs to socialize and play, but it’s also a perfect place for their human companions to unwind and enjoy a refreshing drink after a long day. Overall, Mutts and Martinis is a much-awaited destination that promises to be a hit among the pet-loving community of St. Petersburg.

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