New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg cover picture shows title in black letters on a white background. A picture of a new building in on the right of the title.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  In a resplendent display of urban vision, Valor Capital, an esteemed Clearwater-based development firm, now graces the public with an enchanting revelation. Embarking on an ambitious endeavor, they unveil the meticulous details of their forthcoming mixed-use marvel, poised to grace the coveted locale of 344 4th Street South in downtown St. Petersburg.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  152 Dwellings

Ascending to the heavens with an unwavering grace, this architectural masterpiece shall ascend to a staggering height of 325 feet, majestically stretching across 25 stories. Within its awe-inspiring embrace, it shall harbor a symphony of 152 dwellings, each an exquisite testament to the artful fusion of contemporary elegance and timeless opulence. Adsitionally, Such units shall be a seamless blend of residential abodes and sumptuous hotel chambers, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between those seeking extended sojourns and those craving fleeting escapes.

Yet, this grand edifice is far more than a mere dwelling. It stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between commerce and habitation, with 4,893 square feet of commercial space meticulously interwoven within its resplendent tapestry. Furthermore, a haven for enterprising souls, it beckons to those with a vision to transform dreams into reality, offering a sanctuary where commerce and creativity may intermingle and flourish.

Upon its sturdy foundation, the tower’s base emerges as a haven of urban delights. Within its hallowed halls, a vibrant ensemble of retail spaces awaits, a cornucopia of opulent offerings to satiate the desires of discerning connoisseurs. In addition, adjacent to this vibrant tapestry of commerce, a residential lobby stands as a testament to the utmost dedication to hospitality and refined living, a gateway to a world of comfort and tranquility.

picture shows Rendering of how the building will look from the street. The building will be gray in color.

Rendering of how the building will look from the street.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Garden Space

In a testament to the profound reverence for the beauty of open spaces, a resplendent 4,000 square foot plaza unfurls its grandeur at the heart of the tower’s foundation. A sanctuary of respite amidst the urban bustle, it becomes a refuge where one may seek solace in the gentle caress of a sunbeam or revel in the symphony of laughter and conversation that dances through the air.

As the eye ascends to the celestial heights, it is greeted by a tantalizing prospect—a sky bar poised upon the rooftop, a celestial haven where libations flow as freely as the gentle zephyrs that grace the cityscape.  Furthermore, a destination of unparalleled allure, it offers a panoramic vista, a window into a world where the boundaries of imagination fade and the sublime beauty of the city reveals itself in all its resplendent glory.

Indeed, this architectural opus shall function as a true marvel—a wondrous amalgamation of a condominium and a hotel, a harmonious union of permanence and transience. Within its hallowed walls, long-term residents shall find solace, their abodes serving as sanctuaries of personal expression and cherished memories. Simultaneously, others shall revel in the irresistible allure of temporary respite, embracing the fleeting pleasures of short-term rentals.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Artistic Beauty

Thus, Valor Capital has unveiled a vision of architectural brilliance, a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the desire to create spaces that transcend the ordinary. Additionally, with their mixed-use project poised to grace the radiant landscape of downtown St. Petersburg, they beckon us to embrace a realm where commerce and habitation intertwine, where dreams find embodiment, and where the boundaries of possibility are pushed ever further.

Imbued with a profound commitment to urban regulations and the city’s multifaceted needs, the project in question has been meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards governing both multifamily residential and hotel usage. A harmonious union of versatility and adaptability, it stands as a testament to the astute anticipation of market fluctuations and the unwavering desire to cater to the desires of discerning owners.

Enveloped within the visionary blueprints lies the creative genius of Gomez Vazquez International, the esteemed architectural firm entrusted with the task of breathing life into this remarkable structure. Their deft touch weaves an intricate tapestry of modern aesthetics, characterized by the sinuous contours of curving terraces that grace its façade. This architectural marvel is further accentuated by an ornamental base bedecked with resplendent greenery, a verdant oasis that bestows an air of natural splendor upon the urban landscape. And atop this splendid creation, a decorative crown shall rise, an emblem of distinction that crowns the edifice with regal grandeur.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg picture shows Rendering of the front entrance.

Rendering of the front entrance.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Location

Nestled upon a sprawling half-acre expanse, this extraordinary property finds its place of prominence at the intersection of 4th Street South and 4th Avenue South. The acquisition of this coveted treasure trove was accomplished through a series of shrewd purchases, culminating in a final transaction that saw the exchange of $5.2 million—an investment reflective of the immense value placed upon this hallowed ground.

Valor Capital, the visionary force behind this ambitious undertaking, has left an indelible mark upon the landscape of Clearwater. Their previous ventures, such as the SkyView condominiums at 412 Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater and the resplendent Serena by the Sea, an 80-unit project nestled at 1020 Sunset Point Road, bear testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. It is through their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to architectural finesse that they have earned their rightful place as purveyors of urban brilliance.

In conclusion, this captivating project serves as a testament to Valor Capital’s unwavering acumen, as they deftly navigate the intricate tapestry of multifamily residential and hotel requirements. By seamlessly blending flexibility and adaptability, they create a haven where the units effortlessly transform to accommodate the ever-evolving market dynamics and the individual desires of discerning owners. With the visionary strokes of Gomez Vazquez International’s architectural prowess, the building emerges as a visual symphony, its modern aesthetics punctuated by the graceful sweep of curving terraces and the verdant embrace of lush landscaping. And so, Valor Capital’s legacy of excellence continues to flourish, leaving an indelible mark upon the urban landscape, while beckoning us to embrace the extraordinary possibilities that lie within the realms of their architectural prowess.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg picture shows Corner view of the new proposed building.

Corner view of the new proposed building.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Design for Community

Nestled within the esteemed Downtown Center-2 (DC-2) zoning district, this remarkable property stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of urban planning and architectural finesse. Governed by a base Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 3.0, with a tantalizing ceiling of 7.0 FAR, the project deftly embraces the nuances of this regulatory framework. Employing an array of bonuses, the visionary minds at Valor Capital harness an additional 4.0 FAR to reach the pinnacle of 7.0 FAR, an achievement that resonates with their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility.

In a resplendent display of social responsibility, Valor Capital embarks upon a noble endeavor, contributing to the city’s Housing Capital Improvements Projects (HCIP) trust fund. This noble act aims to bolster the city’s efforts in fostering workforce housing, laying the foundation for a community that thrives on inclusivity and the dignified livelihoods of its inhabitants.

Resting upon a 0.05-acre canvas, this architectural marvel claims its rightful place at the intersection of 4th Avenue South and 4th Street, nestled within the vibrant embrace of Downtown St. Pete’s illustrious Innovation District. Within this enchanting locale, Valor Capital weaves a tapestry of urban brilliance, deftly navigating the intricacies of the landscape to create a sanctuary that seamlessly merges form and function.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Parking

The pursuit of excellence knows no bounds as Valor Capital embraces additional FAR bonuses, unveiling a masterstroke of ingenuity. By procuring transfer of development rights (TDRs) from locally designated landmarks or landmark sites, they forge connections to the rich tapestry of the city’s history, preserving its legacy while breathing new life into their architectural opus. Further augmenting the allure of this extraordinary creation, additional open spaces are deftly incorporated into the building’s design, a testament to the profound appreciation for the interplay between nature and urbanity.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg picture shows Map location of the new high rise.

Map shows the location of the new high rise.

In their unwavering quest for perfection, Valor Capital seeks a variance to reduce the minimum drive aisle in the parking garage from the standard 24 feet to a nuanced width of 22 feet. Project documents reveal that the City, recognizing the merits of this proposal, has previously granted this variance on multiple occasions. Furthermore, the City’s Transportation and Parking Management Department has unequivocally affirmed the acceptability of the proposed 22-foot width, a validation of Valor Capital’s meticulous attention to detail and their commitment to optimizing space without compromising safety and functionality.

New 25 Story Condo Hotel St Petersburg:  Conclusion

While the specifics of pricing and the construction timeline for this visionary development remain shrouded in uncertainty, one thing is certain—the forthcoming creation shall bear the imprints of Valor Capital’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As these New Homes For Sale In St Petersburg FL are built, we will keep you updated on pricing and when they are available for purchase.  Like a symphony in the making, this architectural masterpiece shall unfurl its melody, resonating with the vibrant pulse of the city as it breathes life into the urban landscape.

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