New Coffee Shop St Petersburg

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg cover picture shows a new design of Caribou coffee. The logo has a teal blue in it.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg, Caribou Coffee:  UPDATE 11/16/23  Caribou Coffee will be opening on November 24th!  I dropped by today to check on the progress.  To my delight, I got to meet Michelle, the  owner.  So tell all your friends who love Caribou, that they can get their favorite cup of joe in SEVEN DAYS!!!  Hip hip Hooray!!!

Caribou Coffee Will Open November 24th 2023 Picture shows front of the coffee shop at night.

Caribou Coffee Will Open November 24th 2023

Caribou Coffee Will Open November 24th 2023  Store hours sign

The Sign today made us so happy!!!

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg, Caribou Coffee, Update October 30, 2023:  Caribou will be opening in December of 2023.  On October 29th, I went by the new coffee shop and spoke to the construction workers, and they said the coffee shop is on target to open in 4 weeks.  The interior design is absolutely beautiful.  When you walk in, the counter is 14 feet from the front door.  Then you go to the left then towards the rear of the store for a large seating area.  There is a Mid Century Modern design vibe with lots of honey colored wood.  I have a feeling this is going to be my new place to hang out and drink my iced latte breve.  Additionally, I think this is definitely going to be the most beautiful coffee shop in St. Petersburg.  Hope this update excites all the coffee lovers in St. Petersburg.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg is the headline at my house.  We have been looking for a cozy place to hang out, socialize and have a great coffee drink.  St. Petersburg, get ready to welcome the newest addition to your bustling coffee scene – Caribou Coffee. The popular Midwest coffee shop chain is set to open its first-ever location in Tampa Bay this summer, taking over the former space of Banyan Café at 701 Central Avenue next to the Morean Arts Center.

Here is the Fall Ad Campaign for Caribou Coffee with an orange background with a pumpkin image.

Here is the Fall Ad Campaign for Caribou Coffee

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Local Owner

The new coffee shop in St. Petersburg is being brought to you by Michelle Mathis, the CEO of Wake Up 727. After living in St. Pete for years and knowing the city’s love for coffee, Mathis saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce Caribou Coffee to the city. While the new location is a franchised one, Mathis is planning to give it a St. Pete flair, making it a unique experience for locals and visitors alike.

Caribou Coffee, founded in 1992 in Minnesota, has over 700 locations across the US, mainly in the Midwest. With this new location in St. Petersburg, the chain is expanding to the Southeast through franchising, as announced in 2022. Mathis quickly jumped at the opportunity to bring Caribou’s innovative products to the growing Tampa Bay market and is looking forward to opening the new coffee shop in the third quarter of 2023.

The menu at Caribou Coffee boasts a wide range of traditional hot and cold coffee beverages, along with specialty drinks such as the Vanilla Espresso Shaker and Spicy Mocha. For non-coffee drinkers, the café also serves hot and iced teas, as well as energizing BOUsted beverages made with added caffeine and plant extracts. The food menu includes breakfast sandwiches, bakery items, bagels, and an array of lunchtime creations.

Classic Menu Items at Caribou. Drinks are shown with description on a white background.

Classic Menu Items at Caribou

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  What is different?

What sets Caribou Coffee apart is not just its delicious food and drinks but also its core values of coffee, culture, and community. The chain prides itself on being a place where customers can be themselves, support one another, take ownership, make fun happen, and serve with love. And with the downtown St. Pete location being one of several planned by Mathis in the Tampa Bay area, it’s clear that Caribou Coffee is committed to becoming an integral part of the local community.

So, whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for a new spot to grab breakfast or lunch, be sure to check out the New Coffee Shop St Petersburg Caribou Coffee. Stay tuned to Avalon’s Blog for more updates on the grand opening as it approaches.

Caribou Logo and coffee beans in the picture.

Caribou Logo

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Are you Team Caribou or Team Starbucks?

Are you Team Caribou or Team Starbucks? Or perhaps you’re a fan of both, since you’ve visited each coffee chain more than once. Starbucks’ staff has been criticized by many customers for being unfriendly and occasionally impolite. Additionally, Starbucks has replaced its comfortable seating options with less comfortable, smaller chairs to encourage customers to leave quickly, rather than linger. In contrast, Caribou Coffee places a high value on creating warm and comfortable environments where customers can relax and socialize at their leisure. But you might not want to be choosing a side? After all, you must like something about each of them, right?

But just in case you’re curious, let’s take a closer look at what these great chains offer so you can decide for yourself. Both companies are known for their decent coffee, but Starbucks is famous for its diverse range of blends and flavors, while Caribou Coffee prioritizes creating cozy spaces for customers to relax and socialize.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Comparing

However, there are also some notable differences between Starbucks and the New Coffee Shop St Petersburg Caribou Coffee. Starbucks has a global presence and is known for its fast-paced café atmosphere, while Caribou Coffee is more of a cozy lounge. Starbucks also offers larger drink sizes, with their Trenta size being 31 ounces, compared to Caribou’s largest size of 20 ounces.

Despite these differences, both coffee shops offer amazing menu items, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. So go ahead, enjoy your coffee and don’t worry about picking a side.

To compare the two coffee franchises, let’s first focus on their similarities. Both Starbucks and Caribou Coffee use 100% Arabica beans and serve only organic beans in their beverages and menu items. They source beans from all over the world to create a wide variety of flavors and blends, and offer a diverse selection of menu items beyond just espresso-based drinks. Additionally, both companies have loyalty programs for their customers.

We love the Maple Waffle! Picture shows menu items including the waffle offering on a white background.

We love the Maple Waffle Sandwich!

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Unique in their own way

When it comes to taste, Starbucks offers a lot of options for customization, while Caribou’s pre-made drinks are full of unique and flavorful blends. Starbucks has a reputation for creating special limited-time drinks, like the popular pumpkin spice flavor, but both chains offer a variety of tea flavors. Caribou also has its own line of delicious fruit-infused water.

Despite their differences, both Starbucks and Caribou Coffee have great-tasting menu items, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference when deciding which one to visit.

Starbucks and Caribou have similar prices for their coffee, with Caribou being slightly more expensive overall. However, the price you pay ultimately depends on what type of coffee you order, the size, and the amount. On the other hand, Starbucks’ beans for at-home brewing are more expensive than Caribou’s.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Environmentally friendly?

Caribou was the first major coffee house to receive Rainforest Alliance Certification for their coffee beans, ensuring that farmworkers are treated fairly and sustainably. They have also partnered with Project 7 to help the homeless and plant over 100,000 trees. Starbucks is also committed to environmental awareness and is working towards reducing waste output, replenishing water sources, and expanding their plant-based and environmentally friendly menu options. Both companies are known for their excellent treatment of employees.

Whether you prefer Starbucks’ variety of blends or New Coffee Shop St Petersburg Caribou’s unique flavors, both offer high-quality coffee and delicious food. So, which coffee shop is your favorite? At the end of the day, even though we are excited about the New Coffee Shop St Petersburg, it’s all about personal preference.

More menu items, but there is go visit when Caribou opens. The menu shows the drinks with black letter descriptions on a white background.

More menu items, but there is more…so go visit when Caribou opens.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Caribou  Coffee History

John Puckett, the founder of Caribou Coffee, was previously a management consultant at Bain & Company in Boston, helping other companies develop their strategies. After a trip to Denali National Park in Alaska, he and his wife decided to start their own coffee company. While his wife continued to work at General Motors, Puckett moved to Minnesota to find the first site and secure financing. Initially, the plan was to target downtown office workers with a five-day-a-week schedule, similar to what worked in Boston. The first location was intended to be in the Pillsbury Center office building, but the lease fell through due to another retail tenant’s exclusive rights to sell coffee in the building. As a result, Puckett started looking for a location in the suburbs, and the first Caribou Coffee shop opened in Edina, Minnesota in December 1992.

Caribou Company Headquarters in the picture. The building is 2-story and the outside is beige.

Caribou Company Headquarters

In 2003, Michael J. Coles became CEO, and in 2005, Caribou launched its IPO on NASDAQ under CBOU. By 2006, Arcapita became the majority shareholder of Caribou Coffee. However, Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s involvement with the bank led to a protest of Caribou Coffee in 2002, and al-Qaradawi stepped down as chairman of the bank’s Sharia Board the same year.

New Coffee Shop St Petersburg:  Recent News

In 2012, JAB Holding Company acquired Caribou Coffee in a $340 million deal, and the company continued to operate as an independent entity based in Minneapolis. In 2013, Caribou Coffee announced plans to close 80 stores and convert 88 others to Peet’s Coffee & Tea in various locations. The company has 282 franchised outlets across nine international markets.

In 2019, John Butcher replaced Sarah Spiegel as CEO. On August 5, 2021, New Coffee Shop St Petersburg Caribou announced a merger with Panera Bread and Einstein Bros. Bagels to form Panera Brands. After four years in private hands, on November 8, 2021, Panera Brands filed paperwork for an initial public offering of stock.

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