Our Favorite California Sandwich


Living in California prior to moving to St Petersburg FL, our favorite California sandwich became a distance memory.  But just 2 days ago, I started craving the weird California culinary combo.  I started combing through sandwich shop listings on the web until I finally found the hole in the wall shop.  The online menu is massive.  They offer over 100 sandwiches.  Finally, I find the prize, write down the toppings and off to the grocery store I go.

Our Favorite California Sandwich

I arrive at the closest grocery store to my house in Live Oaks neighborhood, Winn Dixie, and I hurriedly grab a grocery buggy.  First, I head to the deli to investigate the blue cheese section.  Yes, the first ingredient is blue cheese.  I throw in the DaneKo traditional blue cheese towards the buggy and it falls to the floor.  (I lose my coordination when I am excited about food).  Second, the next stop is the rotisserie chicken.  Then my third item is Cabot Pepperjack Cheese.  To stay authentic, I add Hellmann’s Mayonnaise to my buggy. (They do not have Dukes in California)

Our Favorite California Sandwich Cabot Cheese

I already have the other ingredients at home.  But if you are shopping while reading this, you will need sourdough bread, hot sauce of your choice ( I use Tabasco), and butter.


Blue Cheese

Pepperjack Cheese

Rotisserie Chicken


Hot Sauce


Sourdough Bread

Rob's favorite Sandwich Avalon Group Top Rated Realtor

Toast your slices of bread in butter… in a pan.  Add slices of Pepperjack cheese to one bread slice while in the pan so it melts.  Pull chicken from the roasted bird and place on top of the pepper jack cheese.  Take the bread and place on a cutting board once browned.  On the top slice of bread add mayonnaise.  Then add hot sauce on the chicken.  Now for the scrumptious blue cheese.  Crumble the blue cheese on top of the chicken, then place the top piece of bread on the sandwich(mayo side down of course).  Now cut the sandwich in half and enjoy.

We love this sandwich!

We love sharing recipes that we absolutely love… because we know the kitchen is the heart of the home.  As you ring in 2021, we wish for you many experiences where you are able to eat, drink and be merry with the ones you love.

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