Real Estate Steering Signs

Real Estate Steering Signs Cover Picture shows an interracial couple with their Realtor at a table.

Real Estate Steering Signs:  Targeting Specific Neighborhoods

Real Estate Steering Signs are something to look for when working with a Realtor.  Here at Avalon Group Realtor Team, we educate our Realtors to have integrity and show home buyers all possibilities.  However, you may encounter a realtor that is trying to steer you into a particular neighborhood.   It’s likely because they want to make a quick sale. They might suggest homes in certain areas before other people find out about them, or use stereotypes as reasons why certain homes aren’t good options for their clients.

If this happens to you, ask yourself: Is this really what I want? Do I care about where I live? Or am I just following my realtor’s advice because he knows more than me?

Real Estate Steering Signs:  Pressuring You to Make a Decision

You should always feel comfortable taking your time to make a decision. If your realtor is pressuring you, it is a sign that they are not acting in your best interest. And they have other motives for getting the sale done quickly.

If there’s one thing we all know about real estate: It’s a slow-moving industry. There are many steps involved in buying or selling a home, so there’s no need to rush through them!

Real Estate Steering Signs:  What to Do If You Suspect Race-Based Steering

If you suspect race-based steering, the first step is to contact a lawyer. Your lawyer can help you file a complaint with HUD or another relevant agency.

You should also consider taking legal action against the real estate agent in question if they have violated your rights under federal law.

Real Estate Steering Signs:  How to Avoid Race-Based Steering

To avoid race-based steering, you should do your research and ask questions. You can start by looking at real estate websites to see what houses are selling for in the area. You can also ask friends who live in the area about their experiences with home buying and selling. If you have a real estate agent, they may be able to help you find out more information about local housing markets and trends.

If possible, try having each person have their own agent so that they’re not working together as a team–this will ensure that each person is getting honest advice from their own professional representative instead of being steered by someone else’s agenda or preferences (which could lead them down the wrong path).

Real Estate Steering Signs:  The Role of Realtors in Preventing Race-Based Steering

Realtors have a responsibility to help buyers avoid race-based steering. If a Realtor says something like, “Oh this neighborhood is perfect for you”, you might want to get another Realtor.  Also, if a Realtor doesn’t show you every home you request to see, this may be another sign of steering.  Sometimes a Realtor will only show you homes with high commissions.  If you run into a Realtor that doesn’t show you every home you want to see, then it’s time to get a new Realtor. Furthermore, if you feel like your Realtor isn’t being honest with you, talk to them about it! You may find another agent who is more open and honest with their clients.

Real Estate Steering Signs:  The Role of Home Buyers in Preventing Race-Based Steering

It’s important to be aware of the law and ask questions about financing options. If you believe your Realtor is steering you in the wrong direction, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 727-262-7920

Real Estate Steering Signs:  Tips for Finding a Realtor You Can Trust

Check credentials and references.

Look for reviews online.

Interview multiple agents, and ask them about their experience with similar properties and neighborhoods to the one you’re looking at.

Real Estate Steering Signs:  The Importance of Protecting Yourself from Race-Based Steering

The first step to protecting yourself from race-based steering is ensuring that you are treated fairly. This means being aware of the signs of discrimination, and taking action when they occur.

If your Realtor is steering you away from certain neighborhoods or properties because of their race, then this could be considered discriminatory behavior. The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination based on race, color, religion and national origin when buying or renting a home; therefore it’s illegal for Realtors’ actions to be motivated by these factors alone.

Real Estate Steering Signs:  Conclusion

If you feel like your realtor may be steering you in the wrong direction, consider hiring an attorney or other expert who can help guide your decision making process. You might also want to hire an attorney or other expert who specializes in fair housing law to discuss your options for holding the lender accountable for its actions.

If you are looking for programs they have available for first-time buyers and low-income families, we recommend that anyone interested in buying a home should contact their local housing authority directly and ask about their programs.

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