Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District

Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District cover picture shows how the new high rise will be incorporated in with the existing historic buildings in a rendering.

Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District.
The rapid transformation of downtown St. Petersburg’s EDGE District continues with plans revealed for a second phase of the EDGE Collective, dubbed EDGE Collective II. Local developers PTM Partners shared the exciting news of this upcoming mixed-use project with St. Pete Rising, expected to bring 350 luxury apartments, 45,000 square feet of retail space, dining and entertainment venues, 260 parking spaces, and more to this bustling new city hotspot along Central Avenue.

Situated directly across from the epic $6.5 billion Historic Gas Plant District being developed by the Tampa Bay Rays and Hines, the EDGE Collective II spans the 1100 block of Central Avenue beside its currently under construction predecessor. This prime locale positions it perfectly to benefit from the meteoric rise of the EDGE District as St. Pete’s new “it” neighborhood.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Meticulously Master-Planned Neighborhood

“We are thrilled to continue contributing to the future of downtown St. Petersburg and the EDGE District with this second phase of the EDGE Collective,” said Michael Tillman, Chief Executive Officer at PTM Partners. “Our mixed-use inclusive development further enhances interconnectivity and vibrancy in the neighborhood.”

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  What to Expect in EDGE Collective II

Plans call for two residential towers – a six story building fronting Central Avenue containing 108 apartment units, and a striking 20-story tower on the corner of 1st Avenue South and 11th Street housing 242 luxury rentals. Unit mixes will range from studios to three-bedrooms, promising options for singles, couples, and families alike.

These stunning apartments will offer best-in-class amenities you’d expect from a luxury condo, but rarely find in rental communities. We’re talking resort-style pools, outdoor kitchens, massage rooms, golf simulators, private cabanas, and even pet spas. Additionally, hospitality-inspired services and social events add to the upscale living experience.

Moreover, the development incorporates 45,000 square feet street-level commercial space intended for dining, entertainment, and shopping venues. This positions the EDGE Collective II as a central hub where residents and visitors alike can live, work, and play without ever needing a car.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Old World Influence

Inspired by European arcades, charming pedestrian walkways and alleyways will cut between buildings linking city blocks and inviting foot traffic. This human-scaled layout reflects the overall vision to create connectivity and bring people together in compelling ways. Developers feel it will organically cultivate a dynamic sense of community around shared interests like food, fitness, arts, and technology – the foundation of any great neighborhood.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Adjacent High-Profile Developments

This exciting news comes on the heels of several other major developments announced nearby. Construction crews actively work on Phase I of EDGE Collective already, with completion expected in 2024. It will deliver a 163-room Moxy Hotel by Marriot featuring trendy food & beverage outlets plus a rooftop pool and lounge.

Additionally, next door, the Rays two-phase project dubbed the Historic Gas Plant District will take shape over the next decade. Plans call for office buildings, residential towers with rooftop bars, shopping esplanades, green spaces, and entertainment venues surrounding the new Tampa Bay Rays stadium. The projected $6.5 billion build out aims to create an entire pedestrian-friendly city within downtown St. Pete centered around baseball.

Combined with other developments slated for Central Avenue like the on-trend Station House apartments, this entire region positions itself to become Florida’s next great neighborhood. Furthermore, the walkability, connectivity, and sense of community can’t be replicated in suburban master planned developments. City living is officially back en vogue!

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  The Future Looks Bright for St. Pete

Nick Pantuliano, Chief Development Officer at PTM Partners, captures the promise these large-scale developments represent for the future of St. Petersburg:

“St. Petersburg is quickly developing its own identity on the national stage as a prime location to live, visit, and invest in. The major developments coming to the EDGE District in the near future are just the beginning for St. Pete’s growth.”

As downtown densifies at a dizzying pace, St. Petersburg works diligently to ensure infrastructure keeps up with unprecedented growth. Significant investments pour into upgrading antiquated stormwater and sewer systems, expanding road capacity with multi-modal functionality, modernizing parking facilities and transportation hubs, and more. Government leaders understand world-class cities require best-in-class utilities and services.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Keeping Up with Growth

Additionally, the city prioritizes augmented funding for schools, parks, and first responders to maintain exceptional standards as population swells. By improving infrastructure holistically across critical domains, St. Petersburg aims to get ahead of rapid growth instead of just reacting to it. Proactive planning and partnerships with developers help ensure the quality of life downtown remains high.

Furthermore, civic leaders celebrate intelligent density and thoughtfully designed high-rises as hallmarks of a sophisticated metropolitan destination. Density enlivens neighborhoods and fosters connectivity when planned appropriately with parks, public spaces, transported-oriented mobility, and a human-scale experience top of mind. St. Pete’s downtown renaissance doesn’t imitate other cities per se, but rather charts its own course focusing density into a core hub while preserving surrounding communities.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Proof

And the proof lies in the unprecedented influx of both businesses and new residents flocking downtown, eager to partake in this visionary city-building endeavor. Downtown hasn’t seen such entrepreneurial energy and optimism since the roaring 1920’s when St. Pete evolved into a trendy tourist destination. Yet this 21st century revival contrasts the glitz and glamour of early boom cycles with an inclusive mindset welcoming diversity, culture and sustainable living.

The EDGE District serves as the standard bearer for St. Petersburg’s aspirations without compromising what makes this such an endearing city. As crews raise the tomorrow’s skyline today, the future certainly looks bright for Florida’s sunshine city! Stay tuned as this world-class neighborhood blossoms before our eyes into an urban utopia with an distinct St. Pete flare. Just remember to watch your step to avoid tripping over all the cranes in motion. For once awakened, the City of Destiny waste no time making dreams into reality thanks to visionary partners like PTM developing magnificent mixed-use spaces for the next generation to enjoy.

The Rapid Rise of St Pete’s EDGE District:  Change of Reputation

Indeed, downtown finds itself in an exciting phase moving beyond its sleepy retirement town reputation. With new companies and remote workers flocking to the area, the city desperately needs contemporary housing, entertainment options, and places to congregate. The EDGE District delivers all this in an authentic urban context future residents are hungry for.

From a sleepy bungalow beach town to the emerging epicenter of culture, cuisine and entrepreneurship on the Gulf Coast, St. Pete’s phoenix-like rise positions it as THE place for opportunity and excitement in Florida right now. Moreover, the city’s leadership fully embraces this growth through partnerships with developers like PTM.

As construction crews lay foundations for the city of tomorrow, one thing’s for certain – the future shines brightly on the Sunshine City! Additionally, the meteoric trajectory of St. Pete’s downtown turns another corner as the 1100 Block of Central ushers in the next era of urban progression.

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