Is St Pete Cheap to Live?

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Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  This is a question that many people type into Google searches.  So I thought I would shed some light on this popular topic.

With its vibrant arts scene, stunning beaches, and charming downtown, St. Petersburg, Florida has a lot to offer. But is living there easy on the wallet? Let’s take a look at the cost of living in the Sunshine City.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Housing

Compared to other major Florida cities like Miami or Orlando, housing in St. Pete is relatively affordable. The median home price here is around $300,000. Rents are also lower than the national average, with a typical one-bedroom apartment going for $1,100-1,300 per month.

Of course, if you want to live right on the water or in the most coveted downtown neighborhoods, expect to pay a premium. But there are plenty of reasonably priced homes and apartments just a short drive away from the action. Places like Kenneth City, Pinellas Park, and Largo offer good value for your dollar.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Transportation

St. Pete is pretty compact and easy to get around, so you can likely get by with just a bike or public transportation if needed. A monthly bus pass is only $60. Uber and Lyft are readily available, though surge pricing can kick in during peak times.

The city is also quite drivable, with ample parking downtown and minimal traffic compared to larger metros. Keeping just one car and sharing or using alternate transportation can help keep costs low. Gas prices and car insurance rates are at or below national averages as well.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Food

One of the best parts about living in St. Pete is the thriving restaurant scene. While high-end dining spots cater to foodies, there are also tons of casual, affordable eateries. You can easily find filling breakfasts under $10 and lunch specials for around $12-15. If you cook at home, groceries are reasonably priced at chains like Publix or Aldi. Farmer’s markets and ethnic grocers offer deals on fresh, local produce.

And you can’t talk about St. Pete food without mentioning Mazzaro’s Italian Market! Grabbing a hearty lasagna lunch here is one of the best food values in town. For under $10, you’ll be transported to Italy with delicious layers of pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, and Italian sausage. Pair it with a cannoli and espresso for a truly authentic experience that won’t break the bank.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Activities

Being on the water provides near endless recreation. St. Pete has lovely beaches where the only price is parking – around $2 per hour. Fishing charters start around $50 per person for a half day. And you can kayak Tampa Bay for just $25-40 for a few hours.

On land, activities like biking, skateboarding, tennis, and basketball are all readily available for free in the city’s many parks and trails. Museums like the Dali and Chihuly Collections offer free admission on certain nights. And downtown St. Pete offers tons of free events, like outdoor concerts, art festivals, and holiday celebrations.

The vibrant arts and music scene also provides accessible entertainment. You can catch local bands playing at bars for just the cost of drinks. Indie theaters like the Palladium and American Stage have ticket prices below $30. And the beautiful Mahaffey Theater brings major touring acts and Broadway shows for reasonable rates.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Coffee

St. Pete residents will have a new cheap coffee option with Caribou Coffee’s upcoming opening on Central Ave. on November 24th. With most drinks under $5, Caribou will be an affordable alternative to Starbucks in town. As a bonus, they offer a fantastic rewards program that makes your coffee habit even more budget-friendly. Having options like Caribou that don’t break the bank is another reason why St. Pete is such a great city for cheap living. Between affordable housing, free activities, and now discounted coffee, you can enjoy an excellent quality of life without spending a fortune. Caribou’s new location is just one more perk for St. Pete residents looking to keep costs low.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Shopping

You can keep your shopping budget low by mixing in discount stores like Dollar Tree, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx with pricier boutiques. Neighborhood thrift shops offer great deals on furniture, clothes, and housewares. The Saturday Morning Market and local farmer’s markets are excellent for picking up fresh produce and handmade goods.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Taxes & Utilities

When considering the cost of living in a new place, it’s important to factor in taxes and utilities. Fortunately, Florida is one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. There is no state income tax, which keeps more money in your pocket. Sales tax is 6% in St. Pete, right around the national average.

Property taxes are very reasonable too – typically less than 1% of a home’s value per year. For a $200,000 house, that would be under $2,000 annually. Renters don’t have to pay property tax directly.

Utilities like electricity, water, sewer, and garbage pickup generally run $150-250 per month depending on usage. Internet costs around $50-70 monthly. So budgeting $300 or so will cover the average household’s utilities.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Health & Wellness

Your health is invaluable, but maintaining it doesn’t have to be overly expensive in St. Pete. Basic health insurance can cost under $300 monthly for an individual if your employer doesn’t provide coverage. Many routine doctor visits and preventative care services are fully covered by insurance under current laws.

Outdoor activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking cost nothing while keeping you fit. The excellent parks system provides tons of scenic trails and recreation facilities. Yoga studios offer $5 community classes. You can join a gym starting around $30 per month.

Tampa Bay has high-quality hospitals and specialists at very reasonable prices compared to other metro areas. Common procedures routinely cost thousands less here than other places in the country.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Education Expenses

St. Petersburg shines when it comes to affordable education options. The public school system includes some A-rated schools that provide a quality experience for free. Private schools average around $9,000 per year for tuition.

For higher education, St. Pete College offers two-year degrees for just $3,500 annually as a state resident. USF at St. Petersburg provides four-year undergraduate degrees averaging $6,500 per year for in-state tuition. That’s far below most public universities elsewhere.

Of course one major perk are the ample sunny days in St. Pete year-round. Getting outside in the fresh air and sunshine has proven physical and mental health benefits. With an average of 361 days of sun annually, you can soak up all that vitamin D almost anytime. That’s a free and valuable health boost!


Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Job Market

The job market is another key factor in affordability. Thankfully, St. Petersburg offers expanding employment opportunities across many industries like healthcare, finance, technology, tourism and more. Major employers include financial services company Raymond James, Home Shopping Network, and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

Unemployment in the St. Pete metro area is very low at around 3%, well below state and national levels. The workforce is also highly educated – over 90% of adults here have a high school diploma and over 35% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. This solid employment landscape makes it easier to find a good-paying job and earn a liveable income in St. Pete.

Is St Pete Cheap to Live?  Conclusion

In summary, St. Petersburg provides a complete package not only for an enjoyable lifestyle but also for affordable living. Reasonable housing prices combined with low taxes, utility costs, health insurance rates and tuition make St. Pete easier on your wallet than many other cities while still delivering big on culture, recreation and job opportunities.

You can keep your shopping budget low by mixing in discount stores like Dollar Tree, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx with pricier boutiques. Neighborhood thrift shops offer great deals on furniture, clothes, and housewares. The Saturday Morning Market and local farmer’s markets are excellent for picking up fresh produce and handmade goods.

Overall, St. Petersburg provides plenty of ways to live well on a budget. Choosing a moderately priced home or apartment in a commutable area, using public transportation, shopping smart, and taking advantage of free activities can all help you keep costs down. The city strikes a nice balance between quality of life and affordability. So if you’re looking to live near that beautiful Florida coast without breaking the bank, St. Pete is definitely worth considering.

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