Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida cover picture shows the home in palm bech with it's white facade.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Iconic Actor and Family Decide on Permanent Move to the Sunshine State

After much consideration, Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer have decided to leave California behind and move to Florida permanently, as the “Rocky” star announced in a recent episode of their reality show “The Family Stallone.”

Previously, the Stallones had a vacation home in the posh Palm Beach area that they bought in late 2020 for over $35 million. However, they have now opted to make the lavish estate their full-time residence, selling their house in California in the process.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  California Roots, Florida Appeal

Although giving up their West Coast home was admittedly difficult since they have deep ties to California, Jennifer had “her heart set” on settling down in Florida. Subsequently, Sylvester conceded, “I gave in.” The celebrity couple spent years raising their three daughters in California, but with the kids grown up and out of the house, Jennifer felt she “needed a big change.” Hence, relocating across the country seemed like the ideal fresh start.

Notably, the Stallones’ stunning Palm Beach property, which they have been remodeling, boasts over 11,000 square feet of living space, with gorgeous Intracoastal Waterway views. It features a main house plus two guest houses, along with amenities like outdoor loggias, a pool, hot tub, and even a private sandy beach. Without a doubt, its resort-like atmospherics make it the quintessential Florida refuge.

The interior, water front side and ariel view of Stalin's Home in Palm Beach.  Pictures show the white exterior of home and beige interior color.

The interior, water front side and ariel view of Stalin’s Home in Palm Beach

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Greetings from the First Lady

After the episode covering the relocation aired, Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis tweeted a warm message welcoming the Stallones, telling them, “Welcome to the Free State of Florida.” Clearly, state officials are delighted at the prospect of the iconic movie star calling Florida his new permanent home.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Bittersweet Farewell to California

While Sylvester acknowledged that leaving California was bittersweet, he said they already owned property in Florida, declaring, “It’s a done deal.” For her part, Jennifer admitted that everything in California holds precious memories of raising their daughters, who have all flown the coop by now. Specifically, two daughters currently reside in New York City, while the other attends college at the University of Miami.

Consequently, the couple seems ready to embrace this new phase in Florida, despite the inevitable pangs of nostalgia in exiting California after so many years.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Miami Memories

In actuality, Sylvester Stallone is no stranger to Florida himself, boasting his own history and connections to the Miami area. After taking some courses at Miami Dade College early on, he ultimately obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Miami’s theater program.

Additionally, Sly owned luxurious waterfront property on Biscayne Bay back in the 1990s, during the height of his career success. He ended up selling the lavish Miami mansion in 1999 for over $16 million.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Family Ties to Florida

Beyond his personal history with South Florida, Stallone’s late father, Frank Stallone Sr., also long owned a home near Wellington, Florida, drawn to the region for its world-class polo facilities. So the Sunshine State has hosted generations of Stallones over the years.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Rubbing Shoulders with Celebrity Neighbors

By making Palm Beach his new permanent address, Sylvester Stallone joins the ranks of other A-listers who already own homes in this posh tropical enclave. For instance, iconic rock stars Jon Bon Jovi and Rod Stewart have estates in Palm Beach, alongside radio personality Howard Stern, celebrity surgeon Dr. Oz, and controversial Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. So Sly will feel right at home among the Palm Beach glitterati.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Lavish Beachfront Estate

As evidenced by aerial photos, the Stallones scored a truly magnificent property when they purchased their Palm Beach mansion in late 2020. The sprawling compound occupies over 1.5 landscaped acres directly on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Boasting an ultra-private setting at the end of a cul-de-sac, the estate centers around a trifecta of structures – the main villa, plus two guest houses for visitors or staff. The homes combine Mediterranean, Caribbean and Tuscan architectural details for added allure. From the backyard, residents and guests enjoy unobstructed water views and sunset panoramas.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Resort-Style Features

In terms of amenities, the estate delivers resort-caliber features to maximize the coastal lifestyle. For relaxation, there is an outdoor pool and spa tub, along with loggias for lounging in the shade. And given the property fronts over 250 feet of water frontage, a small private beach allows for easy access to the Intracoastal.

Inside, the homes provide sophisticated and comfortable living quarters. The main house alone contains six bedrooms to accommodate the family and any visitors. Elsewhere, amenities cater to entertainment, with a home theater, billiards room, custom wet bar and wine cellar. judging by recent photos, the Stallones have been actively renovating to put their designer stamp on the interiors.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Marital Ups and Downs

In the spotlight so often, Sylvester Stallone periodically makes headlines beyond his blockbuster film projects. Last summer, his marriage unexpectedly captured public attention when Jennifer abruptly filed for divorce.

However, the split proved short-lived, and the couple soon reconciled, halting the divorce proceedings by fall 2022. So ultimately the Palm Beach estate has been the backdrop for both marital strife and renewal over the past couple years.

Regardless of past troubles, the two seem freshly committed to one another in this new chapter, united in their decision to settle down in Florida full-time.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Florida’s Allure for Retirees and Transplants

In opting to relocate from California to Florida, the Stallones join a broader migration pattern seen in recent years. With its warm climate, lower taxes and more relaxed pace of living, Florida perennially attracts retirees looking to enjoy their golden years in comfort and style.

Younger transplants also appreciate Florida’s advantages – ample sunshine, vibrant cities, cultural diversity, and bustling job market. For wealthier individuals like the Stallones, states like Florida and Texas increasingly appeal over California, which loses residents each year due to issues like high taxes, cost of living, homelessness and crime.

So beyond mere convenience, Florida likely appealed to the couple on multiple levels – as not only a beautiful place to vacation and retire comfortably, but also as a safe, prosperous state experiencing rapid growth and development.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  Florida’s Red-Hot Housing Market

Beyond the draw of year-round sunshine, Florida’s booming real estate sector has made the state an appealing place to buy property lately. Fueled by rising demand from retirees, remote workers, and investors, home prices have surged across popular destinations like Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

In the Tampa Bay region, both St. Petersburg and Tampa offer urban amenities alongside Gulf Coast beaches. Tech companies and startups have flocked there for the business-friendly climate, skilled workforce, and lifestyle perks. With inventory low, bidding wars erupt over listings, sending sale prices skyrocketing.

Similarly, in Palm Beach County, limited housing inventory coupled with high buyer interest has catalyzed rapid price acceleration. Luxury homes, in particular, sell for premiums as ultra-wealthy out-of-towners relocate there. Given its reputation as a haven for billionaires and celebrities, Palm Beach hosts some of Florida’s most extravagant and expensive residential properties.

So while the Stallones’ $35 million Palm Beach mansion hardly raises eyebrows locally, such lavish spending reflects the increasingly heated real estate economics across Florida hotspots nowadays. Fueled by inbound migration and developments, once-sleepy towns have transformed into coveted destinations with pops in property values to match.

Sylvester Stallone Moving to Florida:  The Next Chapter

As Sylvester Stallone emerges from the prime of his acting career, he seems ready to shift priorities away from Hollywood and toward family. Relocating to Florida full-time enables him and Jennifer to enjoy life at a more relaxed pace, in an ideal climate surrounded by natural beauty.

While the Stallones may continue to travel back to California periodically for business activities, Florida is poised to be the setting where they write their next chapter. From lavish soirées at their Palm Beach palace to peaceful days boating along the Intracoastal, the possibilities seem bountiful.

After five decades conquering Hollywood on his own terms, Sylvester Stallone is likely primed to conquer retirement with equal panache. And the Sunshine State stands ready to embrace Sly and his family with open arms.

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