Tesla Motors St Petersburg FL

Tesla Motors St Petersburg cover picture shows a Tesla being repaired in a garage.

 Tesla Motors St Petersburg

Tesla Motors St Petersburg is finally opening.  Kane’s Furniture store in St Pete, Florida is getting a new lease on life.  Tesla Motors sales and service facility is taking over the space.  Truett Commercial Realty Group, owned by Delray Beach developer Rob Truett, acquired the 4.2-acre site for $13 million in April 2022 and proposed an extensive renovation of the property, which was previously used as a liquidation center by Kane’s Furniture. The facility now houses a 3,000-square-foot showroom.  Additionally there is a 45,000-square-foot service center, 50,000-square-foot vehicle storage facility with 170 parking spaces.  As a matter of fact there is a 8,000-square-foot parts department, and a customer lounge.

The property is part of the 2,500-acre Lealman Community Redevelopment Area.  This helped speed up the buildout of the Tesla Motors St Petersburg facility.  In addition, it allowed Truett  Commercial Realty Group to gain approval for vehicle sales on the site. The facility’s location in an unincorporated part of Pinellas County is also home to the 77,000-square-foot Lealman Exchange Community Center.

Tesla Motors St Petersburg Picture taken from street of the Tesla building. The building was light gray, dark gray and red.

Tesla Motors St Petersburg

Tesla Motors St Petersburg:  Lealman On The Map Now

According to Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice, The importance of this deal for Lealman is very exciting.  Tesla recognizes what we’ve been saying…Lealman is on the rise. And Lealman is ready to welcome you and your business too.” Rob Truett, the owner of Truett Commercial Realty Group, expressed his excitement for the project on LinkedIn, saying, “To the greater Tampa Bay area current and future Tesla enthusiasts and owners, we put our heart and soul into this project (as fellow Tesla enthusiasts ourselves!) and are confident that you’ll share in our love for this amazing facility to buy, service or accept delivery of your Tesla!”

Tesla Motors St Petersburg:  Welcome To The Neighborhood

Tesla Motors St Petersburg at dawn. The Tesla sign is lit up.

Tesla Motors St Petersburg at dawn.

Kane’s Furniture CEO Irwin Novack welcomed Tesla Motors St Petersburg to the neighborhood.  Moreover ehe expresses confidence that they will be a major asset to Pinellas County. The main showroom next door, at 4501 34th Street North, will continue to operate as usual.  Additionally,  the liquidation center will move into an adjacent building located behind the new-furniture showroom.

In conclusion, the former Kane’s Furniture store has been transformed into a modern and state-of-the-art Tesla Motors sales and service facility, thanks to the efforts of Truett Commercial Realty Group and Tesla. This facility is now a major asset to the Lealman community and Pinellas County as a whole.  Furthermore, it is going to become a hub for Tesla enthusiasts and owners in the greater Tampa Bay area.

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