Update Home Exterior with Professionals

Update Home Exterior with Professionals cover picture shows a before picture of a red brick house, then the after shows the brick painted a warm white color.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Avalon Group’s Recommendation

Are you looking to give your home a facelift but don’t know where to start? As a trusted home services company serving the St. Petersburg area for over 10 years, we at Avalon Group, St Petersburg Realtor Team,  highly recommend considering Brick and Batten’s exterior design services. Their talented team of designers can help visualize updates to breathe new life into your home’s curb appeal.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – The Design Process

Additionally, Brick and Batten believes that everyone deserves to live in a beautiful home with great curb appeal. However, taking the leap with exterior updates can feel daunting without proper planning and visualization. That’s why they created an affordable exterior virtual design package to help clients envision potential changes before committing to a contractor.

Moreover, the process starts simply by submitting a photo of your home’s exterior. Their designers will use this as the base to produce realistic 3D renderings showing your home with potential siding, trim, paint colors, landscaping, and more. You’ll be able to visualize different options, like switching from vinyl to brick and batten siding or adding stone accents. The visualizations make it much easier to decide on a final design direction.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals picture shows a brown brick house before, and the after shows it painted in Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

Transformation of a brick home.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Deliverables

Furthermore, once you settle on a preferred look, Brick and Batten’s designers will provide a custom shopping list with all the necessary materials, colors, and dimensions needed to execute the updates. This makes the process of working with contractors smooth and straightforward. No more guessing about quantities or specifics once the project starts.

We frequently recommend Brick and Batten because their exterior design services check all the boxes for affordability and value. Packages start at just $297 for a single 3D exterior visualization. Considering a full siding replacement project can cost over $10,000, this is an incredibly helpful planning tool for a fraction of the investment.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – The Value of Curb Appeal

Additionally, an exterior refresh goes a long way towards increasing curb appeal and by extension, home value. In today’s market, great curb appeal can make the difference between a quick, profitable sale and homes that sit waiting for offers. Brick and Batten’s services set clients up for success by providing visualized plans to create an eye-catching exterior.

Moreover, their design team focuses on creating not just aesthetically pleasing but functional exteriors. For example, they specify proper overhangs and drainage to handle St. Petersburg’s wet climate. Materials selection also balances beauty and practicality, like using low-maintenance siding in coastal regions. Thoughtful choices increase enjoyment of your home for years to come.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Improved Curb Appeal Impacts Livability

At Avalon Group, we handle both buying and selling real estate for clients across the Tampa Bay region. Time and again, we’ve seen updated exteriors yield an excellent return on investment upon resale. But more importantly, exterior design impacts how you experience your home every single day. A beautiful, welcoming curb appeal sets the tone for comfort and pride from the moment you pull into your driveway.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Consult With The Experts

Furthermore, we believe Brick and Batten delivers immense value with their exterior design services. For only a few hundred dollars, you can visualize that dream home exterior you’ve always pictured before committing thousands to a full renovation. Want to discuss how an exterior refresh could impact your home? Reach out any time to our team here at Avalon Group. We’re happy to consult about smart home improvements in the St. Petersburg area.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Technology-Enhanced Visualization

Additionally, Brick and Batten stands out for their focus on seamless customer service. Their team is readily available for consultations to guide clients from initial inquiries through final design approval. Moreover, they make the process fun and collaborative by encouraging feedback and revisions until their clients achieve their ideal aesthetic. Whether going for an ultra-modern look or classic coastal charm, their designers can realize a wide range of styles.

We also appreciate that Brick and Batten leverages the latest technology to bring designs to life. Their cutting-edge software creates photorealistic renderings indistinguishable from actual photos. This high degree of realism allows clients to accurately visualize the transformation. Additionally, they offer animated walkthroughs and flyovers to view the exterior from different perspectives. The immersive visuals give clients the confidence to undertake bold upgrades.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals:  A ranch home is transformed with wood accents.

A ranch home is transformed with wood accents.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Sustainable Design Practices

Moreover, sustainability factors prominently in Brick and Batten’s approach. They prioritize durable, energy-efficient materials that stand the test of time while benefiting the planet. For example, they may suggest recycled synthetic siding over wood variants with higher carbon footprints. Little touches like native, drought-tolerant landscaping also reinforce their green building values. We fully support their balance of aesthetics and eco-conscious recommendations.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals- Guiding Clients Through The Process

At Avalon Group, we regularly chat with clients about the pros and cons of various exterior upgrade options. There are always important considerations around budget, style, and efficiency. Furthermore, we believe the exterior design process greatly benefits from informed visualization early on. That’s why we are thrilled to connect clients to Brick and Batten’s services for affordable, low-commitment visualization support.

Additionally, we remind our buyers to evaluate curb appeal when house hunting. An eye-catching exterior can disguise issues lurking indoors. On the other hand, some homes with outdated exteriors present a blank canvas for customization. In either case, exterior previews like Brick and Batten’s help uncover properties’ potential.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals – Our Recommendation

Ultimately, we stand behind Brick and Batten as a trusted local partner for home exterior design needs of all scales. Their personalized approach, realistic renderings, and focus on functionality appeal to a broad range of clients. Furthermore, their reasonable upfront fees unlock immense value, turning dreams into buildable plans. Interested to learn more? Reach out to our team at Avalon Group to start a conversation around maximizing your home’s curb appeal.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals- Execution Support Transforming Concept to Reality

Bringing an exterior design vision to life requires careful planning and execution. Many homeowners feel uncertain about how to turn imaginative renderings into tangible projects with their desired results. Thankfully, Brick and Batten provides end-to-end support to guide clients from conceptual designs straight through to completed renovations.

Their customer-focused process aims to eliminate potential stress during exterior upgrades. After finalizing the renderings and shopping lists, Brick and Batten introduces clients to their network of qualified local contractors. They maintain strong relationships with reputable construction firms and tradespeople capable of high-quality exterior renovation work. Clients enjoy a streamlined process selecting from pre-vetted crews ready to actualize the renderings down to every detail.

Moreover, Brick and Batten remains involved throughout the renovation process to ensure proper execution per the design specifications. Their project management assistance enables clients to feel engaged without needing to micro-manage subcontractors. Instead, clients can stay updated on milestone progress and provide periodic feedback while construction moves smoothly along. Brick and Batten also conducts final quality assurance checks before sign-off, providing a safety net preventing unwelcome surprises.

Update Home Exterior with Professionals:  Conclusion

Ultimately, Brick and Batten empowers homeowners to upgrade their exterior aesthetics while avoiding common pain points. Their renderings set clear expectations upfront while their contractor network and project oversight enables seamless implementations. We feel highly confident recommending their turnkey services to transform any home exterior without headaches. Their support means increased curb appeal without the usual construction woes.

Furthermore, Avalon Group St Petersburg Realtor Team encourages interested clients can get in touch for a free initial consultation and sample renderings. We enthusiastically endorse Brick and Batten for their combination of cutting-edge visual tech and personal guidance. Let us match you to their services so you can preview your dream home exterior today!

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