Best Ice Cream St Petersburg FL

This is a picture of the "BRIGHT ICE" ice cream, coffee, and pastry shop. There is a brown roof with bold letters saying "Bright Ice." There are planters surrounding the covered seating areas. The Bright Ice Store front will make you SMILE!

Best Ice Cream and Coffee in St. Pete, FL

The Best Ice Cream and Coffee in St. Petersburg Florida is “Bright Ice.”  Because of their attention to using the freshest most high quality ingredients, their ice cream is better than anything we tasted living in San Francisco for 20+ years.  Additionally, this ice cream taste better than anything we have tasted in New York City in the 50+ times we have visited

 Roasted Strawberries with brown sugar and balsamic are prepared fresh to be added to the ice cream.

The gourmet ice cream is all made from scratch in the kitchen of “BRIGHT ICE”…even down the the roasted strawberries with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar!

 Happy Interior is perfect for fun times with friends.

While I am taking pictures, I can smell the brownies baking…Mmmmm!!!  They will soon be added to ice cream masterpieces and I will be eating it soon!

We are so excited!!! Located at 3701 5th Ave. N, in St. Petersburg, FL, it is in the

exciting Central Oak Park and Live Oaks Neighborhoods.

 We love the wood art wall that was handmade by the owner!

Gourmet Ice Cream at it’s Finest

Moreover, it is so perfect if you live in these areas because you can walk or bike here to experience the best the world has to offer.

 Prepared in Bright Ice’s Kitchen: Carmelized Bananas, peanut butter and honey! YUM!

Our personal favorite ice creams here are the “Caramelized bananas w/peanut butter and honey”,

“Roasted Strawberries w/ brown sugar and balsamic”, and the “Lemon w/ crystallized ginger”! But everything on the menu is OUTSTANDING!!!

Gray bench, brown chairs with black legs, gray and white striped tile floor, Artistic wood stained wall in the colors of the rainbow.We love the wood “ART” wall!

The Best Coffee Too

Bright Ice Dining area has white walls, white mesh lighting orbs, art wood colorful back wall and gray and white striped tile floor. Happy Chic Design everywhere you look!

The best coffee drink in St. Pete is the “Eye Opener” and with 2 double shots of espresso, cinnamon, sugar, maple syrup, and steamed milk…you will not believe the yumminess this drink offers.

4 canisters of ice cream with a hand holding an ice cream scoop. Scooping ice cream. All this is made from scratch in the Bright Ice Kitchen!

Also you get all this with fresh baked pastries and desserts located in the cutest space this side of puppydom.

Three stainless steel pans filled with baked brownies. Fresh made brownies ready to be mixed into the ice cream!

Therefore we make this proclamation:  Bright Ice is off the charts good…and that is real good…so good that 5 Stars is an understatement!!!

White dining room with a bench seat that is gray, white tables with black legs, brown chairs with black legs. A perfectly happy place to eat happy delicious ice cream.

Furthermore, we challenge you to find ice cream and coffee that you like better.  Check it out for yourself and tell them Avalon Group sent you!

The Bright Ice Team wear gray shirts with the name "Bright Ice" on front. They are behind the counter with the black menu behind them. The Bright Ice Team is warm and happy!
Best Ice Cream