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Best Kayaking In Florida!

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Kayaking in St Petersburg FL

Moving to Florida from California, I was worried I would not be able to find amazing kayaking waters that would compare to the beauty of Yosemite and the Mendocino Coast. Pleasantly surprised, upon my move to St. Petersburg, I found a kayaker’s paradise…the best that Florida has to offer. Yes, the best kayaking is here in my own backyard. The beautiful waters surrounding Fort DeSoto at the southern most tip of Pinellas County. The journey to this wildlife habitat includes 2 toll bridges and a $5 per car entrance fee. There are kayak put-in areas for those who bring their own kayak, or you can take advantage of the kayak rental station across from the “Paw Beach” parking lot.

Fort DeSoto Offers Wildlife Experiences

The beauty of the pristine waters, mangroves and beaches are just the tip of what the area offers. You see, the waters in the Fort DeSoto are relatively shallow and provides a safe haven for manatees, dolphins, snook, redfish, trout, and redfish. Also be sure to brink a waterproof camera to take advantage of the moments you will encounter beautiful bird life. Although the birds are most colorful in the Spring (because of breeding colors), you will still see a bounty of
bay-breasted warblers, indigo buntings, tanagers, grosbeaks, northern harrier, snowy plover, white pelicans, sandpipers, bald eagles, osprey’s, great blue heron’s and more (there are 328 species of birds).

Before or after your kayaking excursion, make sure you take advantage of North Beach. It was rated the #1 Beach in the USA by Trip Advisor in 2009. There is also a historic fort to explore and a ferry to Egmont Key. There are also concession stands at North Beach and the Fort in case you need a quick snack. The Beauty of Fort DeSoto is it’s naturalness…it’s undisturbed beauty.

Kayaking Checklist

Here is a checklist of things you need for your kayaking adventure:
___Small cooler with cold water and drinks.
___Ziplock bag for phone and wallet
___Waterproof watch
___Water shoes
___Bathing suit

Single kayak/canoe’s are $23 for 1 hour, $29 for 2 hours, $39 for 4 hours, and all day for $55. 2-person kayak and canoe’s are $30 for 1 hour, $40 for 2 hours, $55 for 4 hours, and $70 for all day. The kayak rental opens at 9am and closes at 5:30 pm. For more information or to verify the rates and hours, call 727-864-1991.  http://www.unitedparkservices.com/kayak.html

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