Best Palm Trees To Create Your Own Paradise

Update 8/3/20:  Privacy Palms and Hedge Palms

Best Palm Trees Also there is a cat palm tree in a black pot. Additionally the pot is sitting on a paver sidewalk and the color is grays and muted reds. Cat Palm Trees only grow to a max height of 8 feet.

After renovating the “Oasis” unit in our triplex, we decided we needed best palm trees to create privacy in front of windows.  First we decided Areca Palms were the look we were seeking with their dense palm fronds.  Second, we determined that Areca Palms grow too tall.

First the areca palms are green. Second the ground in front of the palms is a brown mulch. Lastly, the building in the background is green. Newly planted Areca palm Hedge. Will grow to 15 feet tall.

Third, we began to research alternatives to Areca Palms and discovered that “Cat Palms” have the same look of the Areca, but only grow to a max height of 8 feet.  The main difference is that Cat Palms have green stalks, where Areca palm’s are yellow.    Areca Palms and Cat Palms create privacy and also make a tropical privacy hedge.

Best Palm Trees To Create Your Own Paradise

And this isMy Screen Shot of "Paradise' Search. Picture shows search pictures of palm trees. #1 My Screen Shot of “Paradise’ Search

Try a little experiment…go to your internet search engine and type in the word “paradise.”  Now click the image button on your search.  What do you see?  Picture #1 is a screen shot of my  “Paradise” search.  Palm Trees are in every picture.  Yes, Palm trees are the epitome of Paradise.  After living in Palm Tree climates for over 20 years, we have grown to love several varieties the best.

Also, Bryan Shows the Big Base of a Royal Palm He is About to Install. He has a full beard and wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. Bryan Shows the Big Base of a Royal Palm He is About to Install for one of our Home Buyers.

Really, can you imagine Florida without the waving fronds of tropical palm trees? Adding palms is the easiest way to create paradise in your garden.  Also, palm trees give great shade but also allow the breeze to flow through.

Self Cleaning Palm Trees

Therefore, Installing a Royal Palm at Pam's New Mid-Century Modern Home built by Kasper Modern. Additionally the house is white and the bobcat holding the tree is orange. Installing a Royal Palm at Pam’s New Mid-Century Modern Home built by Kasper Modern.

The ultimate Paradise Palm Tree is one that cleans itself.  Some palms require that you cut off the dead palm fronds.  First you must climb the tree.  Second, you will need to have a chain saw with you once you get to the top.  Third, you will have to cut the fronds off safely and avoid injury.  Or fourth, you can pay to have the fronds removed professionally.  This does not sound paradisiacal, does it?

Therefore, we have assembled the Top 5 Self-Cleaning Palms.  Self-cleaning means that they will drop their fronds on their own as they mature.  Also, this is a great dollar saving option- no tree service and the palms always look great! And here are our TOP 5  favorites.

1.  Foxtail Palm:  Best Palm Trees

And 3 Foxtail palms are in front of a beige home. Foxtail Palms

The captivating foxtail palm is our number 1 palm for its perfect proportions, self-cleaning habit and full, rounded fronds.  A tropical showstopper in the landscape, the foxtail is available in single or multi-trunk specimens. Moreover it features a smooth gray trunk is topped with a bright green crown-shaft and big tufted fronds.  And it resemble the bushy tail of a fox.  The charismatic beauty of this palm works in almost any landscaping, as long as the house itself isn’t overwhelmed by its size.  Also great for their tolerance of freezing temperatures, the Foxtail survives down to a temperature of 22 degrees F. This is one of the fastest growing palm trees and matures at 30feet tall.  Great palm choice.

2.  Adonidia Christmas Tree Palm:  Best Palm Trees

Moreover,Man Stands beside a 12 foot Christmas Tree Palm. Man Stands beside a 12 foot Christmas Tree Palm.

The adonidia is easy care…it’s self-cleaning, meaning the spent fronds just fall off by themselves, a big low-maintenance plus. And adonidias are pretty much pest-free.  It looks like a miniature royal palm, with its green crown shaft, gray trunk and long full fronds.  Single trunk specimens work almost anywhere since they won’t grow too large or too fast to overwhelm most locations.  Christmas palms make good focal points in small tropical gardens and, when taller and more mature, they can become an elegant statement palm.  Growing slowly to an average height of 12 to 15 feet, this palm is moderately salt-tolerant – it usually won’t be affected by salt spray.

3.  Royal Palm:  Best Palm Trees

Two large Royal Palms Live the driveway. Two large Royal Palms Live the driveway.

Majestic and Grand!!! The huge, gorgeous royal palm tree is the world’s most beautiful palm.  This big beauty is the classic South Florida palm tree and a Florida native.  Smooth trunks of gray to gray-white are topped with bright green crown-shafts and long, luxurious, full fronds.  Soaring to heights 80 feet tall, this giant palm tree is one of the most sought-after landscape palms for elegant South Florida homes.  Because of their eventual mammoth size, royals are best used in larger landscapes with bigger houses so they fit the scale of their surroundings.  The fruit this palm produces in fall and winter is a good food source for birds..

4.  Montgomery Palms:  Best Palm Trees

This underutilized palm is native to the island of Vanuatu which is in the South Pacific, south of the Solomon Islands and west of Fiji.   This tropical palm tree grows up to 35 feet tall and they are often planted in symmetrical rows to create a border in the Florida landscape. Its palm fronds are stiff, feathered and emerald green. Also, it features a long crown shaft, and the overall stature of the palm tree creates a formal feel.  Montgomery palms just look good. They have slim trunks, a canopy of 8-10 leaves, and stiff feathered fronds that have a spunky attitude.  And, the Montgomery’s overall stature creates a formal but friendly feel, just like they do on small islands in the South Pacific.

Use Montgomery Palms to bring a Fiji feel to your "Paradise". Furthermore, the house in the picture is a peach color.Use Montgomery Palms to bring a Fiji feel to your “Paradise”

5.  Alexander Palm:  Best Palm Trees

Finally Alexander palms are seen in front of a stucco house in a beige color. Alexander Palms

The alexander has a “head” that’s a more moderate-size scale than some larger palms, allowing it to be planted in fairly narrow spaces.  It’s sometimes called “Solitaire Palm” because it’s solitary in nature (meaning it only grows one trunk).  But this pretty palm shows off to best advantage with multiple trunk specimens for bigger landscaping impact.  Self-cleaning palms like the alexander are highly prized for ease of care since aged fronds fall off by themselves.  The fruit produced by a mature palm is a good food source for birds.  Additionally, Alexander palms grow to an ultimate height of 20 to 25 feet, and prefer full to part sun locations though they’ll grow just fine in part shade. In addition, this palm is a moderate grower, will grow indoors where there’s enough height and light to let it thrive. Also, Alexanders are moderately drought-tolerant once they’re well-established.

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