Cabin Fever Projects

Cabin Fever Projects:  Painting with Spray Paint

additionally, the gray stools at the counter did not add a happy factor. The cabinets and counter tops are white. It's the perfect Cabin Fever Project.The Gray Stools Were Lacking the Happy Factor

When you are stuck at home, it’s the perfect time for Cabin Fever Projects to add happy pops of color in your home.  We keep different colors of spray paint stored for crafts and projects.  I decide to paint our counter stools teal to match the painting in the kitchen.  These stools, originally gra

y in color, have been begging for attention since the day we

purchased them.  First I spread out cardboard in the middle of our lawn.  Second, I lightly sand the surfaces of the stools.  Third, using Simple Green, I wipe away all the dust and oils

The Teal Blue Stools Were Too Sedate.

from the surfaces.  Fourth, it’s time to let the stools dry.  Fifth, I spray the first coat, keeping 12 inches away from the stool at all times.  It’s important not to spray too close so the paint is evenly distributed.  Allow an hour to dry, then add a 2nd and 3rd coat.  After the last coat, wait 5 hours, then move to covered area to give paint 3 day s to cure before touching.

Cabin Fever Projects:  Re-Painting New Colors

After living with the teal stools for two weeks, I decided they were too dark and didn’t create the happy feeling I was looking for.  Luckily I found 5 cans of Lime/Chartreuse paint in my storage shed.  I went through all the steps again, and the stools are perfect.  Just the right color to add that happy element in our kitchen area. The Chartreuse Color on the Counter Stools Pop with Happiness Vibes

Also, the Chartreuse Color on the Stools makes the room happier. The counter and cabinets are white.

Cabin Fever Projects:  Painting with a Brush

Do you have an old dresser that is in need of a happy makeover?  Our Aunt Pam’s new home was just completed and she wanted a statement piece for her master bedroom.  Her new home is modern, but she wanted a touch of traditional mixed with modern.  She finds an old chest of drawers that, with a modern color in gloss paint, is going to be perfect.  First we lightly sand all the surfaces with a fine sanding sponge.  Second, we clean the entire chest of drawers with Simple Green and a microfiber rag.  Third, we apply a coat of primer to all the surfaces we will be painting and let dry overnight.  Fourth, using a high quality paint brush, we apply the first coat of high gloss Benjamin Moore paint After 6 hours, the final coat of paint is applied.  Finally we wait one week before we put the dresser in it’s new home…Pam’s master bedroom.

Furthermore, there is an old beat up wood dresser in a store with upside down chairs in the background. We have found a perfect specimen for a Cabin Fever Project!

Pam’s Dresser Before Picture.

Moreover, the new mulberry colored dresser creates a happy room. Aunt Pam is standing beside it in the picture. Also, There are white walls and a black door.

Pam’s Newly Painted Dresser in a Ultra Gloss “Mulberry” color by Benjamin-Moore

Cabin Fever Projects:  Paint Your Front Door

Another great Cabin Fever Project is to paint your Front Door with a Happy Florida Color.  Click Here for the Top 10 Front Door Colors.

Cabin Fever Projects: Eight of our top 10 is Summer Sun Valspar 3007-2B. Moreover the door is primed with white and the siding is bright blue.

During this time of social distancing, there are so many things you can do around the house.  Whether you paint some furniture, curl up to read a good book, or play games with your friends and family, just know that this too shall pass.  Take care of yourself and the ones you love.  And if you need anything, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are here for you.

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