Choosing our Front Door Color

In Addition, Rob and Aaron's House needs a happy upgrade since the front door is stark dark gray. The grass is green in the front yard.Aaron and Rob’s House

Choosing our Front Door Color for a HAPPY upgrade.

Patti's House Has a "Tiffany Blue" Front Door It is surrounded by a wood facade. Patti’s House Has a “Tiffany Blue” Front Door

Choosing our Front Door Color…After writing our last blog on the “Top 10 Florida Front Door Colors” we decided we needed to replace our current gray door with something Happy!

Knowing that the front door color of a home shouldn’t be an afterthought, Aaron and I decided to put in the time to make the best decision.   After all, it’s the first thing people see when they walk into our home. Therefore, it should serve as a welcoming beacon to greet guests.

Also, the sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a front door color. Luckily, I just finished writing an article on the best Florida Front Door colors, so the task is ever more easy.

Moreover, Pam's House will have a hot pink door. The yard has been graded and awaits sod and landscaping. Pam’s House will have a hot pink door.

The Process: Choosing our Front Door Color

First, Aaron and I look up our street to see the colors currently being used.  We really wanted to do

a hot pink or beautiful sky blue, but our fabulous neighbor, Patti Gleason the artist, already nabbed the blue color with her “Tiffany Blue” front door.  Also, two doors down, Aaron’s Aunt Pam bought the house being built and she has chosen pink for her door.  So with much discussion, talking to the neighbors, and

Again, the new chartreuse color is supper happy. It is surrounded by a brick wall painted gray brown. The new chartreuse door color is super happy

having Patti, the artist, help us with pictures of the different color options, we decided to go with number 3 on our Top 10 Florida Front Door Color.  And that color is “Yew Green” by Benjamin Moore. Furthermore, notice how it is a brilliant chartreuse color…we have always wanted a door this color!!!  So far, everyone is letting us know that they love the new color.

Does It Work? : Choosing our Front Door Color

Aaron and Patti want the cement brick painted a dark gray.  But, Pam and I both think the cement brick looks fine

Finally, here is Rob and Aaron's House at sunset with the new chartreuse front door.Do you like the Lighter Brick?

Choosing our Front Door Color With Christmas Decorations

in the light brown/gray color.  Also, see the last two pictures on this page for both options.  Please let us know which looks better to you in the comments below.  The current lighter brick, or a darker gray brick?  We will use your input in our decision.

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, Give us a call…we will make the process fun!  Call Aaron at 727-262-7920

Again, do you think Rob and Aaron's House looks better with Darker Gray Brick?Or do you like Rob and Aaron’s House with Darker Gray Brick? Thanks to Patti Gleason for this picture!