Mailbox Style St Petersburg FL

Mailbox Style St Petersburg FL features a new Mid-Century Modern home in Live Oaks Neighborhood.  The jewelry of the home facade is comprised of the entrance hardware which includes the door knocker, door handle, light fixtures, and mailbox.

Text of pictures states "match your metals". There is a gray door with a stainless steel door handle and stainless steel doorbell. There is a cement brick wall to the left. The border is sea foam green. Choose one metal to use around your front door.

Many times the mailbox is overlooked and a generic box is installed. But the “mailbox style St Petersburg” presents an opportunity to elevate your home and create a chic enhancement.

Steps to Choosing a Mailbox:  Mailbox Style St Petersburg FL

The first step is taking into consideration the colors and metals that are already present. In the picture above, our home’s window edges are white and the door handle is stainless steel. So we decided to use the white and stainless steel in our mailbox design.

Text on picture says "Match your window trim". There is a square window with white trim set within a brick gray wall. The border of the picture is sea foam green. Match your window trim to your mailbox color palette

Secondly you need to determine the architectural style of your home and invest in a mailbox that enhances that style. Our home pictured above is a mid-century modern design, so we went mid-century with the mailbox.  “Mailbox style St Petersburg FL” is on display on the 50th Block of Dartmouth Ave. N.

Where to Buy Custom Mailboxes:  Mailbox Style St Petersburg, FL

Are you wondering “where is the best place to obtain architectural mailboxes?”

Picture text says "Match your pots". There is a plant pot that is white with a wooden stand in the Mis-Century style. There is a gray wall in the background with gray bricks. Also make sure your plant pots fit into the color palette.

We found a mailbox maker that lives in the USA on Etsy! Yes the website! We contacted them and explained we needed a mid-century modern mailbox that is white and stainless steel. We then received a mailbox design, approved and paid for it. Within a week it arrived and we hung it up immediately. We LOVE it! Just go on Etsy and look at all the mailbox possibilities. Just make sure to stay within the design of your home. Think enhancement, not statement. Your whole entrance is the statement. If you are looking to sell or buy a home and create your own “mailbox style St Petersburg”, give us a call, 727-262-7920. We will help you find a home that is just your style!

Mid-Century mailbox on a gray brink wall. The mailbox has a white front facade with horizontal black lines. The side walls of the mailbox are stainless steel. In the background is a white wall with 4 windows and shrubbery below.The mailbox is a big statement, but fit’s the style and colors of the house.


Mailbox Style St Petersburg FL